Aging Backwards Secrets by Temmy Miller / #Spotlight

Natural Anti-Aging Strategies with Body and Skin Care to Look Younger and Live Longer 

Aging is part of life. What comes to mind when we think about this process- gradual loss of function physically and mentally.
A lot of research has now gone is to ways through which we can age gracefully with good quality of life while we hit the later years!
We now know that using simple lifestyle measures, this longing secret desire to longevity can be achieved.
After reading this book, your perception about aging will change and you will learn how to grow older and remain young in your body, spirit and mind.
In short, This Powerhouse interesting book shows all insider secrets you need to know!

  • -Living longer happier and healthier.
  • -Simple anti-aging strategies.
  • – How to Delay the aging process.
  • – The ‘Power nine”- get this book to find out!
  • – A whole chapter on Skincare and how to care for it in the long term.
  • -Reveals toxins that can speed up the ageing process.

And Holistic tips to delay the aging process. 



About the Author 

Temmy Miller is a writer with special interest in the field of Personal health and wellness.  Her passion is to help people change their lives in simple and realistic ways through her books.   She believes everyone deserves the right to good health and healthy living does not have to be that difficult.


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