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Detectives Kane and Alton #18

Shivering by her broken-down car at midnight, she’s relieved when a passer-by finally stops and offers her a ride. But her heart pounds as she hears the locks click shut. They’re going the wrong way. Rooted to the spot with fear, she looks into his dark eyes, as he laughs wildly…When a car belonging to Black Rock Falls’ much-loved bartender Maisy Jones is found abandoned on an ice-covered road outside of town, Sheriff Jenna Alton and her deputy David Kane are called in. The exhaust has been tampered with, which can only mean one thing: someone wanted Maisy stranded on that isolated road…Finding a red backpack on the same perilous stretch of highway, Jenna hopes it will contain clues to Maisy’s whereabouts. But the debit cards inside belong to local teaching assistant, Billy Stevens. He didn’t show up for work that day. Billy too has vanished into thin air.Jenna needs to find Maisy and Billy fast, but her frantic search only throws up another missing person. Canvassing the small town festooned with Christmas lights, Jenna has the impossible task of tracking down a twisted murderer plucking victims from their everyday lives and leaving no trace.Almost giving up hope, she makes a sickening discovery in the church at the center of town, one that sends shockwaves through the tight-knit community. Everyone is afraid to let their loved ones out of sight. But how many more innocent lives must be lost before Jenna can catch the killer among them?




When a book by one of your favorite writers lands on your Kindle, you have two options. You can jump on it straight away or you can wait a bit longer knowing you still have something to look forward to. 

So I showed I could resist the book calling my name and finally the time had come. 🙂

As soon as I open this book, the roof may fall on my head, I don’t think I would notice. I am not reading about Black Rock Falls. I am in Black Rock Falls. I don’t read about Jenna and her team. No, I am working with them trying to find the culprit and trying to save the victims.

The townspeople must be very happy I am not part of the team, because I would have arrested the wrong person. I had another suspect in mind, but on the other hand I can proudly say I had figured out where the victims were hidden. Jenna said she had a budget for more deputies so maybe I should apply LOL.

The killer had quite a history, but they should have known better if they wanted to keep on killing. Once you start targeting people from Jenna’s town, your hours are counted…

The author adds another thrilling book to this amazing series. 5 stars

Thank you


About the author

D.K. Hood is THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, USA TODAY and AMAZON bestselling author of the Detective Kane and Alton Series. Her spine chilling, fast-paced serial killer thrillers revolve around Sheriff Jenna Alton and her ex-special forces Deputy, Dave Kane. As the main characters fight crime, their secret pasts are never far away. Set in and around the fictional backwoods town of Black Rock Falls, Montana, known locally as Serial Killer Central, D.K.’s imagery takes the reader into the scenes with her. Given the title “Queen of Suspense” by her reviewers, D.K.’s writing style offers her readers a movie style, sizzling fast thrill ride.


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