The Snowstorm by Triona Walsh / #Review @bookouture @thetrionawalsh

It’s an icy New Year’s Eve. Snow blankets a windswept Irish island as the wild Atlantic Ocean rages.Six friends gather. It has been ten years since the tragedy that tore them apart. A lot can change in a decade…Childhood bonds are now lifelong secrets.Dear friendships have twisted into deep jealousies.A happy reunion is shattered by a dead body.The celebrations have barely begun when one of the guests goes missing. As the snow thickens, the body is found.Then the storm wreaks havoc on the island. Everyone is trapped – there is no way out. No electricity. No phone signal.Nobody knows who to trust. No one is who they seem. Because one of them is a killer, and one will be dead next…




It’s difficult to write a review about this book. Normally, I know straight away what I am going to write, but this time, there is a storm in my head as well.

When a read the 3 sentences on the cover of the book, I was sold. When I started reading the book though, it felt like is was not quite what those sentences had promised. 

This being said I loved the first chapter of the book. It was bull’s eye from the first throw and to me it was clear who the victim was. After that opener the story fell a bit slow and I also thought is was a pity the cover already said one of the friends was going to be named the killer. It took a part of the suspense away. Also because one of them was dead, one of them was the police officer. It makes a very short list of suspects in the end…

I also figured out what the tragedy was that happened those ten years ago, the reason for the reunion, but I did not mind that.

In the end our clever sergeant Cara Folan figured everything out, but I left me thinking how she could have done all this being trapped on the island with no phone signal except for that one moment of research she did at the station.

But on the bright side, I liked the way Maura reached out and helped her friend Cara to uncover the truth or part of it and I felt a lot of sympathy for Patrick Kelly. 

I did enjoy the book, but unfortunately it was not one of my favorites. There were a lot of things I liked but I had the feeling that the glue that had to bring everything together was sometimes not the right one. I like to play detective too and I missed to many things to be able to string it all together. 

I am sorry, because I know how much an author invests in a story. 4 stars.

Thank you


About the author

Tríona Walsh loves reading and writing crime novels but is fairly law abiding in real life. A twice winner of the Irish Writers Centre Novel Fair competition she lives in Dublin with her four kids, three cats and one husband.


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