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Fifteen years ago: On a warm summer’s evening, four childhood friends gather at a slumber party… Before dawn breaks, the nightmare begins. One of them dies. One of them is a killer.Liz was the bubbly girl-next-door. She could never have imagined how everything would fall apart.Sami was the clever one, quieter than the others. She was meant to keep all their secrets…Amy had the voice of an angel, destined for Hollywood. She would never make it there.Mo was leader of the group, charismatic and protective. But she was not who she appeared to be…They were childhood friends, on the cusp of the rest of their lives. They’d shared everything with each other. Or so they thought… Until one of them died.Today: Liz tries not to think about the night that destroyed their lives. She focuses on her beloved husband and their sweet-eyed daughter. But when she receives a note, there’s no more running away: “I’m back. Did you miss me?”A wave of dizziness crashes over her. Her best friend can’t be back. She’s dead.So who sent the note? What do they know? And, most terrifying of all, are they planning to make her pay for what happened…?




High school can be a lot of fun. Not the lessons, exams or the work you have to do, but hanging out with the friends you have made or with those you already knew. 

A small group of besties there to have your back no matter what is the best thing that could happen to you. So it’s only natural you cherish this precious gift.
Even the best of friends fall out from time to time, but they always make up again.
You might have known someone for years and have spent a lot of time together, in the end it seems like you never know someone through and through. When secrets are revealed the truth is more than ugly and sometimes enough is enough. Time to act has come and it’s either them or you. The choice is easy to make…
That one night something happens take turns your world upside down. The group make a decision. It’s one that will change their future. It’s the only way to make it work untl it isn’t anymore…
This is a story about how people are often masters in hiding who they really are and what they are capable of, about deceiving others ot get what you want, about a bond that is so strong you could never have imagined it could be broken and about people who are driven to act out of order.
And then there was me: thinking I knew tit all, but it seemed like I knew nothing at all 🙂
A great book that made my heart bleed and with an ending that made me go ‘huh??’ and thus messing with my head again. 4,5 stars

Thank you


About the author

With degrees in Crime Scene Technology & Physical Anthropology, Florida author Shannon Hollinger hasn’t just seen the dark side of humanity – she’s been elbow deep inside of it! She finds writing to be a much cleaner way to spend her time than the autopsy suite. Most days it smells better, too.

Her debut novel, the psychological thriller Best Friends Forever, will be released in January 2023 and is the first of a five-book deal with publisher Bookouture.

Her short fiction has appeared in Suspense Magazine, Mystery Weekly, and The Saturday Evening Post, among a number of other magazines and anthologies, and her story Lady Killer was a finalist for the 2021 Al Blanchard Award sponsored by the New England Crime Bake.


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