The Girls’ Guide to Homemaking by Amy Bratley / #Review @bookouture @AmyBratley1

Can Juliet put her life back together – one martini at a time?

Single and definitely not ready to mingle – after Juliet’s heart is broken, she finds comfort in an unexpected place. Somehow, diving into her grandmother’s 1950s homemaking manual is just the escape she needs from thinking about her ex-boyfriend, ex-best friend, and ex-home.

She quickly finds herself lost in a world of sublime meringues and heavenly cocktails, where the worst thing that can happen is your soufflé failing to rise or running out of olives for the perfect martini.

Realising that home is what you make it, and picking up some new baking skills along the way, Juliet is determined to get her life back on track. She’s even making new friends – including the freckled, sharp-cheekboned and seemingly-unavailable Dylan.

But will Juliet finally find someone for whom she can cook a perfect baked Alaska, or will she end up with a meal for one?




The title of this book takes me back in time.The years were the women were the homemakers and did almost everything to please their husbands.

There is nothing wrong of course with spoiling your loved one or trying to make your home as cosy, warm and welcoming as possible.

The story mixes vintage with modern. I loved the tips where you learn you don’t needs our modern cleaning products to make something shine or which meal you should prepare when you want to impress someone you have your eye on.

I had the feeling that Juliet was surrounded by people who did not respect her because they were not honest. Her flatmate, boyfriend best friend, mother, aunt, grandmother, boss… they all had something to hide form her and even the person who she could see a future with was not very kind to her.

I know people deserve a second chance, but in my opinion Juliet would have been better off to pack up and move somewhere far away from these people. 

I would have loved more vintage tips because they were fun to read and really helpful. 🙂

In my opinion this book was filled with self centered people on the one hand and people who could not make up their mind on the other hand and that’s because they wanted all the advantages and as less disadvantages as possible.

I liked the story but I would have love to jump between the pages to kick some people in the behind. 4 stars 

Thank you


About the Author

Amy Bratley works as a freelance journalist and lives in Dorset with her husband and two children. She also writes under the pseudonym Amy Miller.


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