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A loyal wife. A handsome husband. Which one of them will kill to keep their secret?When I first met Malcolm, I knew that he was everything I had ever wanted. When we had our beautiful, blue-eyed son Finn I felt like my life was finally complete. The past eight years have been the happiest of my life. Until now.Because Malcolm’s been lying to me.I’ve been following him. I finally saw him with her. How could he betray me and my darling boy? Of course, we all have our secrets. But everything I’ve done, I did for my son.So I have a plan. When the police knock on our door tomorrow morning, Malcolm will have no clue what’s in store. All I need to do is pick up Finn and we can start our new life together.But I don’t notice the car tailing me. The sudden crushing impact takes my breath away. As my heart pounds and my car is forced towards the rushing river below, my only thought is for my precious Finn. Because I know with certainty that if this is happening to me, then he’s in grave danger too…Did Malcolm know what I was planning after all? Is this his revenge? Or worse, have my own secrets and lies finally caught up with me—and has my time finally run out?




There are different reasons why a couple ends their marriage. Sometimes they want it both, but sometimes it’s only one of them who wants out. Saying you are leaving without any further dialogue is maybe not the best way. This is what Tracy realises too and she decides to have a one on one with her husband. On her way home her life takes a 180. That’s what she wanted, but not like this…

It was my first book by this author and his storytelling and writing style had me hooked. On the one hand I wished I could read faster, because I wanted to know every little detail about the what, where, when, how and why as soon as possible. On the other hand I wanted to enjoy this book as long as possible. 

It’s really hard to get to know someone. People are sooooo very good in hiding their true colors. The quiet ones maybe quiet because they are simply shy or maybe they have ulterior motives? The victims may be the ones you want to protect from everything, but maybe they are not so innocent at all.

Do not ever believe what is in front of you when you read a thriller. 😉 The authors know only to well how to pull the wool over your eyes :). 

I really enjoyed this book thoroughly. There is so much going in. You don’t want to miss out on this one. 5 stars

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About the Author

Matthew Farrell is the Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestselling author of the Adler & Dwyer thriller series. He lives just outside of New York City in the Hudson Valley with his wife and two daughters and is currently at work on his next novel.


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