Ultimate Truth Serum by Bill DeFoor / #Spotlight #CBMarketing2022

2129 Series #2

This is the second book in the 2129 Series.  Where the first book was about discoveries, this book is about transitions. Transitions with characters; who will maintain a presence in all future books, grounding our hero forever. Transitions of thinking; going forward having reconciled his past. And transitions of values; as our hero “evolves”, overcoming his fears, in favor of embracing the tool’s potential. Please read the first few pages, then join Bill in 2129 and experience his torment in the decision-making process about the device, his excitement for their discoveries, and his growing relationship with an android. And find out what will happen when the President truly understands what this new device can actually do.



About the Author

Bill Defoor’s background is in computer technology from 1967 until today. From computer operations, to programmer, to systems analyst, to manager, to director, to entrepreneur, he has always enjoyed creating something (usually code) and seeing it come to life as a system or such. The people he has had the pleasure to work with have been incredible and together. His writing accurately reflects his love of family. The dynamics of an ever expanding and growing family are nothing short of incredible!   


Author Link

Website: https://billdefoor.com/



Book Link

Amazon: https://bit.ly/40lLohC


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