The Saturday Supper Club by Amy Bratley / #Review @bookouture @AmyBratley1

Ready? Set? Cook! When four strangers enter a supper club competition, they have no idea who they’re going to be cooking for. So when they finally meet and two of the guests realise they already know each other, sparks begin to fly…

Eve’s world was torn apart three years ago when the love of her life Ethan walked out on her. But now she has a new boyfriend in safe and sensible Joe, a cosy new flat, and she’s on the verge of opening her dream café. Things finally seem to be falling into place.

When Joe begs Eve to take part in a supper club competition for a local newspaper where he’s trying to get a job, she plans an elaborate dinner for her mystery guests who are arriving in just 24 hours.

But, as she adds the finishing touches to her hastily planned menu, the first of her mystery guests arrives and gives her the shock of her life… On the doorstep stands Ethan – the man with the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen, and the man she has spent three years trying to forget.

As her past life comes crashing into her perfect new one, she’s sent into a spin. How will she get through all three courses with the man who broke her heart sitting across the table? And how does she feel about Ethan three years on?

As the Saturday Supper Club gets under way, Eve has no idea what to think now Ethan has walked back into her life. Who will win the competition? And who will ultimately win Eve’s heart?




We used to have this kind of show on our Belgian TV too. The format was slightly different, but the overall idea was the same. When you watch it on TV, you never stop and think about the connections between the 4 cooks. Are they interacting only during the show or do they have contact outside of it too? Are there friendships being formed or do they never want to see each other again? Are the participants put together in one show in order to create a kind atmosphere or do the producers aim for drama…?

This story was bases on keeping secrets and not talking to each other. Well, maybe that’s not quite correct. They did speak to each other, but they did not really talk. And then you have me, shouting: tell her! tell him! tell them!, but when I start thinking I realise talking to someone and really saying what you want to say is hard for different reasons. You don’t want to get hurt, nor rejected. You don’t want to hurt someone else or you are struggling with the fact that it’s not your call.

So it’s sometimes easy to blame the characters in a book for being stupid or whatever, but I think in real life we often struggle with the same things. Some people have their heart on their tongue. For others it’s a lot more difficult to express themselves.

We do learn a lot at school, but what they do not teach us is how to deal with our feelings. Maybe they should start thinking about that. It would save a lot of heartache in my opinion.

I enjoyed this story a lot. Once people confess, the healing can start and everybody feels better in the end. 5 stars 

Thank you


About the Author

Amy Bratley works as a freelance journalist and lives in Dorset with her husband and two children. She also writes under the pseudonym Amy Miller.


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