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DCI Helen Lavery works alongside the counter terrorism unit to investigate. Who is behind the mass shooting? Why target this town?

Meanwhile, Helen is preparing for the trial of Chilli Franks, an organised crime boss who has a grudge against her family. But when Chilli’s nephew befriends her son, and suggestions are made about Chilli’s involvement in the shooting, past fears clash with the present.

Under the spotlight of the world’s media, Helen finds herself in a race against time to solve the case, protect her family and track down the killer before they strike again.




Part of CHAPTER 1
The barrel of the rifle pressed against his thigh as he clutched the holdall close. He surveyed the ivy snaking up the concrete
floors of Victoria Car Park. It was 10.51 pm.
An hour earlier, this area would have been clogged with people spilling out from the nearby theatre. The thick
scent of exhaust fumes filling the air as vehicles revved and reversed. Horns blasting at drivers rudely pushing their way
into the queues waiting to exit and head home after a long performance. Now it was quiet. Tranquil.
The night was overcast: a dull moon covered by a film of cloud, not a star in sight.
Moths fluttered around the light bulb as he entered the stairwell and began his ascent, pausing to glance in at each
floor as he passed. A handful of vehicles on the second. A motorbike on the third. Not a pedestrian in sight.
The top floor was empty, the stillness only broken by a swooping bat overhead. He checked the stairwells located beside
the lifts at either end of the floor, the only areas illuminated, the rest in darkness. Examining the two cameras, he was relieved to
find the lenses still broken. The likelihood of anyone venturing up here at this time of night was remote, but still, he pulled the
hood of his sweatshirt further down his forehead until it peeked across his brow before walking across to the barrier, lowering
the bag to the floor, and peering down at Swan Street below.
A woman scurried across the road and disappeared around the corner, leaving the cobbled street empty in her wake.

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About the author

Jane Isaac is married to a serving detective and they live in rural Northamptonshire, UK with their daughter and dogs.

Jane is author of three bestselling detective series: DCI Helen Lavery, DI Will Jackman (based in Stratford upon Avon), and DC Beth Chamberlain (a Family Liaison Officer). Her novels have been nominated as best mystery in the ‘eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook awards’ and selected as ‘Thriller of the Month’ by

2021 saw Jane’s first foray into psychological suspense with the release of One Good Lie. A further psychological suspense novel, One Fatal Secret, will follow in June 2022.


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