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Sometimes turning everything upside down feels just right…

Evie Stuart is playing it safe. She lives on her family’s remote farm in the Scottish Highlands and never ventures beyond the local village of Lockton. The most unpredictable events in her life are the antics of Miss Daisy, her grandmother Agnes’s pygmy goat. She’s learned that bad things happen when she’s impulsive, and she’s determined not to get burned again. 

Callum Ryder is exactly the opposite of what Evie wants in her ordered world. Six foot two of reckless energy with twinkling eyes and a dangerously charming smile, he’s a thrill-seeking American firefighter with no idea how to slow down. Callum enters Lockton like a whirlwind, fleeing his problems in New York City in search of the truth about his Scottish family. 

Yet the pair might have more in common than they think… When the well-meaning Agnes persuades her to help Callum find his grandfather, Evie finds herself being challenged more than she has in years: from swimming in the fabled Bonnie Lochan to exploring an ancient castle and even entering the village jam-making championships. Turns out it’s easy for Evie and Callum to connect when they let go of their fears and enjoy the most surprising summer of their lives.

But getting close to Callum so quickly soon starts to look like it might ruin everything for Evie: she’s heading for a disaster exactly like the one that destroyed her a year ago when she fell for the wrong man and let him change her life. Maybe a fresh start isn’t going to be so simple after all… Is the safe haven Evie’s built about to crumble down around her?




Raise your hand if your heart has never been broken! Hmmm, don’t see to many hand here, so I know you know what I am talking about when I say that the thing you want most at that moment is to bask in the love of your family and, in the meantime, continue to build a high sturdy wall around your heart.

You never want to be hurt again, so you decide that love is not for you anymore. Then someone comes along and starts scratching at that wall and even when the cracks become bigger, you still do not want to take a chance. You still don’t have enough trust.

There are two options : fight or flight. Which one would you choose…?

The author has created some very likeable characters. Nana Agnes is great. She definitely goes for the ‘fight’ option but in a very loveable way. Fergus is grumpy, more in favour of the ‘flight’ option, but his heart is thawing.

It’s nice to see the changes in both Callum and Evie. Which option did they pick? That is something if won’t reveal 🙂

Donna Ashcroft always writes the cutest stories that pull your heartstrings in every possible way, but also make you go ‘ooooowwww’. If you are charmed by these ingredients too, make sure to add this book to your list. 🙂 5 stars

Thank you, Donna Ashcroft and Bookouture


About the author

Donna Ashcroft was born in London and grew up in Buckinghamshire. She went to university in Lancashire and, among other things, worked as a copywriter, buyer, waitress, secretary and marketing manager. 

Donna wrote novels for over ten years before being published. She is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and was a joint winner of the Katie Fforde Bursary in 2017.
Donna loves a happy ending and is never happier than when she’s escaping into a romance novel or movie. When she’s not reading or writing she’ll probably be found hoovering … or negotiating with her teenagers about who is doing the washing up.


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