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The lump in my throat dissolves into tears. “They’re going to take Noah away, Pete.”
“No judge will ever rule that a child should be taken away from his parents.” My husband’s voice is defiant.
“Even if it turns out we’re not his parents?”

Izzy’s eight-year-old son Noah is her whole life. With his long eyelashes, mischievous grin and boundless energy, he’s got her husband Pete’s sunny outlook and Izzy’s curious mind. When they receive a surprise phone call from the fertility center that helped them have Noah, it’s surely nothing to worry about.

But what they learn from that call sends their dreams for their son crashing down around them. Eight years ago, someone made a terrible mistake at the center, and there’s a possibility that precious Noah isn’t actually their child.

Izzy and Pete know that they will fight to keep their beautiful boy at any cost… but if Noah’s parents are out there somewhere, is it right to keep them from their son? When a shocking diagnosis brings things to a head, Izzy must decide what’s right for Noah, even if it means sacrificing the person she loves most in the world…


A Million Dreams: An absolutely heartbreaking page turner


My Review

The text on the cover already gave it away : this was going to be a heartbreaking story. And it was : heartbreakingly beautiful.

Normally when I read I curl up on the sofa with my dog and have a cold or hot drink handy, but from the first sentence I knew that it would be a good idea to add a box of tissues too. 

Clever me, because the sad and the happy tears alternately ran down my face.

Mistakes happen, because we are all human and not perfect. Some can be rectified without causing too much trouble. Others can result in irreparable damage.

Sometimes it takes an enormous amount of strength to stay, sometimes it takes even more to walk away. Do you want what’s best for you no matter what the consequences are or do you step back and leave it be?

The author is a great storyteller and she made it very hard for me to put the book down. An unforgettable tale about one of the strongest emotions : unconditinal love.

5 stars

Thank you, Dani Atkins and Bookouture


About the author

Dani Atkins is an award-winning novelist. Her 2013 debut THEN AND ALWAYS (published as FRACTURED in the UK) has been translated into seventeen languages and has sold more than half a million copies globally.

Dani lives in a small village in the English countryside, in a 300 year old cottage, with her husband, one Siamese cat and a very soppy Border Collie.


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