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Henry Houdini Dog Detective #1

Along with lab assistant Gwynne, Henry tracks down the criminals who had dognapped him, and the pair become the next Rosemary and Thyme (Henry is naturally “the younger one”).

Based within the Forsythe Medical Research Sciences complex and the local unnamed Midlands (UK) town, over the series, they find rich pickings of petty criminals – including Victor ‘Dullard’ Mullard – to bring to justice.

Formerly owned by Carmen, an illegal Mexican immigrant, Henry learned English from TV dramas and game shows, and he retains everything within the filing cabinets in his brain. He is keen to learn more so Gwynne becomes his Wikipediaer / Googler, and helps him clarify that no, shepherds’ pies aren’t stuffed with shepherds, and no, they don’t live in the cottages in cottage pies.



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My review

I am a huge doglover so needless to say that this book was something that I was really looking forward to.

Henry is a very clever dog. He knows a lot but he struggles with proverbs. He takes them literally and that’s what creates some funny situations.

But there is also a crime involved and the culprits have to be brought to justice. That’s something that was tailor-made for Henry and his partner.

Maybe their modus operandi is not really playing by the rules, but it’s the result that counts, right? 🙂

It was lovely to meet Henry in his first of hopefully a lot of adventures. 4 stars.

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