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Married couple Molly and Dan are forced to swap lives. But will it bring them closer together or drive them even further apart?

It was only a blip. Just a little mistake. But in the world of television, Dan Whitehead’s little slip could cost him his career.

His only chance is to swap roles with his wife, Molly, who also works part-time, behind the scenes at the show. It’s just for a couple of months. Easy. What’s so hard about looking after their twins and taking a step away from the limelight for a bit? Only, it’s not quite as simple as Dan may think.  With more time, his past begins to haunt him. Then, when a friendly school-mum offers him the comfort he needs, is she everything she seems?

Meanwhile, Molly is more than happy in her sweatshirt and leggings. Why would she want to go back on-screen when she doesn’t even like leaving the house? But she needs to save her husband’s job. After all, it is her fault.  Then, when she’s offered an exclusive interview on the other side of the world, her life in Cherry Blossom Park is under threat. Why is she the only person to ever be offered this interview?  Dan must never know the truth. 

The Juggle is more than just a story about parents keeping everything in the air. It’s about secrets from the past and hopes for the future.

It asks the question – is a marriage every big enough for two dreams to come true? 




– When and where do you prefer to write?

I love to write at my home, I like to think in the morning, but realistically it’s after my boys have gone to school and I’ve done all the usual fiddling around. So, more late morning until I have to pick them up and then I may squeeze in another hour later on in the day, depending on my word count.

– Do you have a certain ritual?

I always go running before I run. I start to think of ideas or work out plot problems, I also set myself a wordcount target and am quite disciplined about hitting that.

– Is there a drink of some food that keeps you company while you write?

Coffee… lots and lots of coffee.

– What is your favourite book?

A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford.

– Do you consider writing a different genre in the future?

I like the idea of it, my books are uplifting fiction now, but I would love to think one day I’d throw in something completely different, something very dark. That said, I am still trying to master this genre, so it may be a while yet!

– Do you sometimes base your characters on people you know?

There were a couple of people in my first book The Pink Coffee Shop who I thought of when I wrote the characters. Sometimes I think they are like somebody I know and think what would they do? (Not that I’d ever tell them!)

– Do you take a notebook everywhere in order to write down ideas that pop up?

In my other job I am a journalist so I normally have a notebook of some description with me. I do write ideas down, or ask my husband and sons to remember them if there isn’t one near me (they have much better memories than I do.)

– Which genre do you not like at all?

I don’t like depressing books, ones which make you feel terrible by the end, with no soul or spirit to it.

– If you had the chance to co-write a book. Whom would it be with?

My husband – Rob Murphy who is also a journalist and is just writing his first book.

– If you should travel to a foreign country to do research, which one would you chose and why?

Can I say anywhere?! If I had to pick then America and/or the Caribbean. It’s no coincidence my first two books are set there for a bit. I feel it might be necessary for a visit to both for the sequels.

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About the author 

Ellie Barker is a television reporter and presenter. The Juggle is her second book.


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