Book of Halloween Farts by Funskill Brew / #Review @funskillbrew

by Funskill Brew

Are you ready to blast off with a memorable book to bring tons of fun and giggles for ALL AGES?
Grab this latest release for the Halloween and holiday gift-giving season!

Hold your nose and dive into this hilarious world of toots. From sneaky toots to brain-freezing flatulence, you’ll get a whiff of wicked and wild toots that will blast you into chuckles from your knuckles to your belt buckles!

Parade with the unforgettable and funky cast with a bandage ripping mummy, a spooky ghost with ghastly toots, the farting Frankie, and much more!




This is a very funny first book in a series of 3 about (you might have guessed it 😉 ) farts. There is an explanation about different kinds of farts and children will just enjoy this. They are always giggling when someone toots and they sometimes even find this hilarious. 🙂 

The illustrations are very beautiful and make you keep on reading. It’s great to read to your children or grandchildren or just for yourself. It does not matter how young or old you are. I am convinced everybody will be captivated by the books. 

I have read all 3 of them in one go and I liked them all equally. 

Are you in love with Halloween or do you just want to read some lovely stories, please check out this series. Maybe you are looking for a gift? I am sure this is one that will be greatly appreciated.

5 farts, euh I mean, stars from me 😉

Thank you, Funskill Brew


About the author

As parents, the biggest riddle we face is always, “Am I doing this parenting thing right?”

Hi! We are a group of mothers who got inspired to start writing funny picture books for kids and kids at heart.
We create and illustrate books because we felt a need for books to inspire art and creativity in children.


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