Invitation to Poetry – Mihai Brinas / #Extract @MihaiBrinas

A book that reveals fantastic feelings all of us have experienced or are going to experience. An invitation to poetry embracing music, nature and love at the same time…





the kiss

from your lips

you kindly drop a smile

while falling

it draws feelings

i pick it up

and press it against my lips

then i give it back to you

so you do not seem sad

personal problems

the memory

is wandering who knows where

fearing the truth

tearing itself away from me

fear is running

holding poetry in its arms

it is sneaking through a slit

melting into the light

something has been killed within me

while a murderer

is walking freely

Thank you, Mihai Brinas

About the author

Mihai was born on the 4th of July 1993 in Romania where he still lives, in a city in the Western part of the country, named Arad. Mihai is the author of four collections of poems. He has also written Invitation to Poetry, Alignment of Thoughts, Crossroads. Thoughts That Bring Us Closer brings to the reader’s attention a wide range of topics from love, life and love of life to places in the soul of nature or in our own souls. Mihai keeps on writing while still believing in the power of honesty, goodness, and love.

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