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Coaching yourself to succes

If you’re reading this book, you might be SEEKING fulfillment, or satisfaction at work, or recognition of one’s talent being unused or potential still to develop. You might be ambitious and strategic in approach and would like to position yourself for bigger things. Whether you’re stuck and looking to jump start your career, doing well but want to fast track your career, or feeling unfulfilled and looking for clarity in your work life, you can coach yourself to success.
Using SOLUTION-FOCUSED approach, the book presents opportunity for self-coaching to enable forward movement, especially when there’s a sense of being stuck in career development.
1. It’s a primer that engages the reader to act and do something. It’s a call to action.
2. It’s a self-coaching book that uses reflective questions or inquiries. It invites you to reflect upon, dig deep, and increase self-awareness and self-empowerment.
3. The language is simple and short (non-academic) with common-sensical (non-textbook), doable style of presentation but still refers to sources when necessary and available.
4. It is written from the voice of a friend and a perspective of a coach.

The goal is for every individual who reads this book to clearly see what they offer to the world and for them to believe that what they offer has value. Start now to coach yourself to success!




from Chapter Three: YOU HAVE THE POWER pp 21-22

Your career 2.0
There is an inherent pitfall to using society’s yardstick of what career success is. We like to “keep up
with the Joneses” and make sure we keep up with our peers.There is also pressure from family and
friends to do the “safe” thing, which means being employed, lest we dare to take the risky
entrepreneurship route. It’s natural to aspire for what society defines as traditional success, like
getting to an executive role in a corporation or going for a respectable profession like being a
doctor, a teacher, or a lawyer. But, while working in a technology start-up mightattract the young
generation, even younger people put value to work-life balance and find it cool to work in climate
change, racial justice, or jobs incorporatingactivism.
Career 2.0 is finding your second act—your reinvention of what success looks like for you based
upon your unique set of life circumstances. It is what you makeof yourself based on the opportunities
that are available to you. It is what you create based on your unique talents, experiences,
temperament, and personality. There is nobody else quite like you. Your success does not have to
look like somebody else’s.
Career 2.0 is about finding the entrepreneur in you—the ability to be creative and innovative,
considering what life has handed you. You cannot rely on your organization or your boss to take care
of your career development. They are focused on business development. You cannot expect them to
improve your position based on your career aspirations. They probably do not know what thoseare,
let alone be able to prioritize them. You must be the leader of your success. It would help if you
were your own salesperson, your product developer, your brand manager. It would help if you led in
managing your Career 2.0.

Thank you, Gina Cajucom and Breakeven Books


About the author

Gina Cajucom is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) who promotes better conversations in the workplace using ©Authentic Workplace Engagement (AWE).
These are future-focused, progress-oriented, and co-constructive dialogues that need to happen in the workplace to break the selfdefeating cycle of attributing cause or casting blame. AWE emphasizes strengths and small steps toward progress using essential dialogues and touchpoint conversations.
Gina’s extensive experience working with upstarts, small businesses, and large corporations across industries, gives her the unique ability to see organizations in their duality. Top executives, owners, and major stakeholders are focused on the bottom line—productivity and profitability. People at the grassroots level, who grapple with work-life balance and career development, are either partly engaged
or completely disengaged. Gina’s strength and commitment is to work-life integration while contributing to bottom-line business results through leadership coaching.
With over fifteen years of experience in human resources management (H.R.) and organizational development (O.D.), her stints in coaching emerging leaders and executives across industries awakened her passion for leadership development and work-life integration. This unique experience inspired her to help young leaders and professionals with their career management challenges within or without their organizations through Career Coefficient
A Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) in Canada, Gina completed two years of graduate study in MS Human Resource Management at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila and has completed a Master’s Certificate in Organizational Development (MCOD) from the Schulich School of Business Your Career, Your Business at York University in Toronto. Her extensive training in co-active coaching
techniques with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and Solution-Focused Brief Coaching with the University of Toronto, complements her undergraduate degree in B.S. Psychology. She currently contributes to the development of Brief Coaching in the Philippines in partnership with the Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching She also volunteers her time with The Coaching Fellowship, helping young international women leaders of impact accelerate their leadership potential.


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