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Princess Guinevere dreaded her upcoming thirteenth birthday. It signaled the beginning of her official role as the Lady of her father’s castle. No more adventures in the forest with Cedwyn. No more explorations outside the castle walls. No more excitement. No more danger. No more fun. Cedwyn—her companion for as long as she remembered—viewed her circumstances differently. A Medieval coming-of-age story relevant today.


Ancient Stones. Mystical Stones. Autumnal Equinox. Down upon a wide plain the yellow orb shines strong. Racing side by side, the two laughingly ride. A mist descends. The laughing stops. A dangerous Medieval tale of two friends. Of a loyalty not often seen.


Fiercely loyal, Cedwyn always rushes to Guinevere’s defense. Stubborn to a fault. Always there for her. A future Knight? His one and only hope. A hero? Not what Cedwyn strove for, but it sought him. Guinevere rarely thinks with her head. Just the opposite. Thinking with one’s heart: a recipe for trouble. And trouble finds Guinevere, all too often. Stubborn, she refuses to abandon those depending upon her. Even when ordered by her father, the king. And so these two—both on the edge of Legend—barrel forth in this deadly dangerous and riveting Arthurian adventure.




When and where do you prefer to write?

I actually sit down and write whenever I can. It has been so crazy this last year that finding writing time has been tough. When our 4 grandkids went to remote learning last Spring, their parents still had to work, so our home became the schoolhouse. When it isn’t possible to physically write, I write in my head. I also do this when I’m not sure where a story is going.

I don’t have an office or a den where I write. I just sit in my living room, or if it’s nice, outside on my patio.

Do you have a certain ritual?

I always write with music in the background. Mumford & Sons, Yanni, Mark Knopfler, and others. I prefer listening to a concert DVD.

Do you like a drink or something to nibble on while you write?

Usually just water or a soda.

Do you consider writing a different genre or do you already do that?

I tried writing a romance novel once. It is buried in a filing cabinet and will never see the light of day again!!

Besides my Middle Grade Arthurian adventure stories, I have my Teen/YA Tales from the Ancient Worlds (Egypt, Atlantis, and others coming). I also write picture books for ages 2 – 6. These are for beginning readers and emerging readers. I’ve also had young people purchase them for their grandparents with memory issues.

What is/are your favourite book(s)?

I love Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody Mystery series set in Egypt in the late 1800’s– early 1900s. There are 20 books in the series, and I’m on the third time through. Elizabeth Peters in the pen name of Egyptologist Barbara Mertz.

Another author I enjoy is Steven Saylor whose books feature his famous detective Gordianus the Finder. These stories are set in Ancient Rome.

Other authors I enjoy are the writing duo of Preston & Childs, David Baldacci, Matthew Reilly, and a host of others!

Do you sometimes base your characters on people you know?

I don’t use a specific person. My characters are usually a combination of the hundreds of students I have taught. Their traits are what make my characters easy for my readers to identify with. Sometimes you may find a bit of myself in my characters, if you know me well enough!

If you had the chance to co-write a book. Whom would it be with?

I have two friends who also write adventure books for middle grade/preteen readers: Fiona Ingram and Wendy Leighton-Porter. We even share a website: The Quest Authors. It would be fun to write a book together.

Which genre(s) do you not like at all?

I’m do not read horror or graphic sex stories. Nothing wrong with those, just not my cup of tea.

If you should travel to a foreign country to do research, which one would you chose and why?

I would choose either a Scandinavian country or the islands of the Mediterranean. Both are locations for future books in my Feathers of the Phoenix series..

Thank you, Cheryl Carpinello and Pump Up Your Book


About the author

Cheryl Carpinello taught high school English for 25 years. During that time, she worked with numerous students who didn’t like to read for a variety of reasons. However, she discovered that even the most reluctant readers became engaged in the classroom and in reading when she introduced units on King Arthur and the works of ancient world writers. Upon retiring, she set out to write fast-paced, action-filled stories in these setting to encourage young readers to read more. When not writing, you can find her reading, spending time with family, and traveling.

Cheryl’s books:

Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend (1)

Guinevere: At the Dawn of Legend (2)

Guinevere: The Legend (3)

Guinevere Trilogy ebook only

The King’s Ransom (Young Knights of the Round Table)

Sons of the Sphinx

Tutankhamen Speaks

Grandma/Grandpa’s Tales 1

Grandma/Grandpa’s Tales 2


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