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My name is Kat and I have a confession. For the last week, I’ve been secretly living in the gym.Let me set the scene for you… It was my first day working out. Ever. My idea of cardio is lifting Dunkin’ Donuts, but as if exercising wasn’t bad enough, listen to what happened next. In the space of minutes, my boyfriend dumped me over the phone and my boss fired me.Cue a Code Red panic attack. Now, no matter how hard I try, my anxiety stops me from physically walking out of the door, back into the hot mess of my life.So now I’m stuck in this health club, spending night after night sleeping on massage tables, escaping security guards and hiding from my ex. Flirting with personal trainer Marcus, who’s carved like a Greek god and has a smile that makes my stomach flip-flop, is the silver lining to this craziness.But what happens if I get caught? Can I finally sort my life out? And how personal is too personal when it comes to personal trainers?




We don’t stop and think before we open a door and go outside. We just do it and to most of us it is the most normal and simple thing in the world. But to others it must feel like climbing Mount Everest.

A lot of people are kept prisoner by anxiety. You don’t see it on their faces. They seem like “normal” people, but we cannot see inside their heads and the word ‘seem’ is very important in this sentence.

When anxiety grabs them they are the victims of (serious) panic attacks. People often don’t like to talk about it because they fear others will not understand them. They fear they will be labelled as crazy or drama queens, but they are oh so not.

You want to do something, but you can’t. It must be so frustrating. Of course there are pills to help them, but they can be very addictive too and that’s not something to want to add on top of the rest.

To know that there are people out there who love you and accept you the way you are, is also a step in the right direction.

Is this a romantic comedy? No, it is not. For me it’s an eye opener. I knew this existed, but I didn’t know how it can influence people’s every days lives. It’s rather terrifying and I will think twice before I judge.

I do have to say there are some funny bits and romance is on the horizon too. It makes it all a bit more light-hearted.

I learnt a lot and kudos to the author for using this subject. I really enjoyed this story and I have to applaud Kat. She is strong even though she does not seem to realize it. 5 stars

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About the author

Ellie Center was born in Savannah, Georgia and raised by a psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst. She studied philosophy in college but eventually went on to become an audiologist. After traveling to Israel and living in a Kibbutz, she moved to Nashville, where she started her own business and also started writing novels, falling in love with the process of putting her imagination down on paper. She writes songs in her spare time and lives with Hannah, her cat and a Lab named Joey.


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