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Secrets of the veil #1

Everybody has a past. Some just don’t know what it is yet…

Alice has long been intrigued by the couple she serves in Amo Mangiare every Friday.

There’s an unsettling tension between multi-millionaire businessman, Victor Davies, and his glamorous companion that she can’t put her finger on. So when she receives a hand-written cry for help from the mysterious Eva, Alice knows she can’t ignore it.

As events and coincidences conspire to lure her deeper into Victor’s territory – a strangely bewitching world full of luxury, intrigue and unanswered questions – Alice is never sure who she can trust.                              

But it’s only when Alice’s past comes calling and a long-buried secret is finally unearthed, that she must confront the ultimate truth.

You can never escape your destiny…





Alice checked her watch; 10:05pm.

In a few minutes he would gesture for the bill, and the girl would disappear to the ladies’, always to emerge as breathtakingly immaculate as before.

This scene played out every Friday evening without fail.

And, every Friday, Alice would grow more uneasy; the knot in her stomach tightening just that little bit every time she watched them at their exclusive table by the grand piano.

But something was different this time. Something she just couldn’t put her finger on. In the time it had taken her shallow breathing to mist up the round pane of glass in front of her, she was calm enough to re-enter the glorious aromatic bustle of the restaurant.

One lung-deep inhalation and standard ‘waitress smile’ in place, she was ready to leave the stifling kitchen behind and enjoy the refreshing breeze that always cooled her face as the white double doors whooshed open in front of her.

As if on cue, the man caught Alice’s eye. He thrust a hand up, his oversized platinum watch twinkling in the glow from the centrepiece candles. Alice had recognised him for some time.

He was Victor Davies: self-made millionaire entrepreneur, esteemed charity fundraiser and all-round good egg in Joe Public’s opinion. She’d encountered him several times in her

‘proper’ job as a reporter for the local paper; a job that paid so handsomely she had to boost her earnings by waiting tables in Amo Mangiare twice a week.

A brief nod to acknowledge Victor’s gesture, then Alice’s pumps squeaked their way across the chestnut floorboards towards the cash desk – just as his blonde and much younger companion headed for the ladies’. The heady scent of her perfume lingered in the air as she glided past; an undisputed vision of elegance, ethereal beauty… and hopelessness.

The two women glanced at one another for slightly longer than was necessary; something more than polite acknowledgement passing between them this time. Alice could have sworn she caught the faint curl of a smile on perfectly-sculpted, scarlet lips; a gentle crinkling in the corners of youthful azure eyes – eyes that were the silent voice of a thousand words.

“You know, I can’t begin to understand your obsession with that couple.” Kate appeared from behind her, arms crossed, standing stiffly. Alice could feel the heat rising in her already flushed cheeks as she nodded towards them.

“Christ, he even orders for her; never utters a word, that girl. Textbook control issues.”

Kate flicked her thick fringe from her forehead and turned her attention towards the kitchen where a hectic stream of waiters appeared and disappeared through the constantly swinging doors. She looked back at the couple, then again at Alice: “Speaking from personal experience?”

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About the author

Im a debut author whos just released the first book in her Secrets of the Veilseries. I currently juggle running the family business with raising 3 kids and trying to snatch the time to write, of course! From the age of 8 tennis was my life, resulting in various caps for representing Scotland and Britain, however, I gave it all up to get married and become a journalist! I am currently writing the sequel toVeil of Secrets. 



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