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“A Truth About…” is a composition of 52 poems for nurturing your ever -growing soul. Exploring topic from mind, body and intuition to love, parenting and life goals, the book embraces the broad and wondrous spectrum of the human experience. Covering 52 keys areas of our life, this book provides one insight per week. A year of inspiring poetry. 



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About the author

So let me tell you a bit about myself — I was born in the south of France, originally from Guinea-Bissau. I am a mother of two and married to a lovely and incredibly supportive guy. 

I am really sociable and I love meeting new people. Writing has been my passion for as long as I can remember. One more thing I am passionate about is empowering people. Our world is a biiiig place, there is 7 billion of us and I believe that everyone should live a happy and fulfilled live. I want to help with that — by encouraging, guiding and supporting anybody in need, with my words.

I have published my first book called “A Truth About…” on Amazon. This bestselling book would be a connection between you and me.

For your personal development, I wrote a composition of 52 poems. Once a week, you can read a poem and engage with my words so with time, you will be able to see the change you want in your life. Each poem and title in the book starts with “A Truth About”, so you can read: A Truth About You, A Truth About Your Life, A Truth About Your Goals, Comfort Zone, Parenting, etc. It reviews 52 keys areas in your life. I hope I have covered the topic that you were looking forward to reading. Otherwise, I encourage you to connect with me on social media or by leaving me a message below. Let me know in which subject you would like to hear uplifting words or if this book was helpful to you in any way.

So yeah, voila! That was a little bit about me also talking a little bit about you, because you are part of me and I am part of you as I believe that we are all one. Yes, we are all one but you remain unique though! You are one in 7 billion and I probably haven’t met you (yet). But I know something about you is that you are amazing and so should be your life. 


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Website: www.cecilecorrea.com

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Amazon: mybook.to/truthabout