Skin – Liam Brown

A strange virus is sweeping the globe. Humans have become
allergic to one another. Simply standing next to somebody
could be a death sentence. A kiss could be fatal.
Angela is a woman trying to get by in this bewildering new
world. Though she still lives with her husband and children, they
lead separate lives. Confined to their rooms, they communicate
via their computers and phones. In some ways, very little has
That is, until she spots a mysterious stranger walking through
town without even a face mask for protection. A man, it seems,
immune to this disease. A man unlike anyone else she knows. A
man it might just be safe to touch…



Cover reveal

I am happy to be allowed to share the cover with you.

Thank you, Liam Brown and Legend press.


About the author

Liam Brown’s debut novel
Real Monsters was published
in 2015 and long-listed
for the Guardian’s Not the
Booker prize. He lives in
Birmingham with his wife and
two children.
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