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Paris, 1942. As she twirls in the arms of handsome dancer Santiago Lozano, surrounded by aristocrats and high-ranking German officials, Elena Garcia looks like every other beautiful young woman at the glamorous party. But she is hiding a dangerous secret: she is a spy.

Undercover in occupied Europe, risking her life daily, Elena never planned to fall in love. But everything changes when she meets Santiago in a crowded bar. His warm dark eyes and kind smile draw her in… but he can never know her real identity and opening her heart to him could put both of them in jeopardy. Elena cannot help but fall for Santiago, but can she truly trust him?

Then Elena is tasked with a dangerous assignment, delivering coded maps for the Resistance. As she leaves the meeting, she hears heavy footsteps closing in behind her and her heart begins to pound. Fighting off her attacker, she races back to the station, barely making it onto the train. She is forced to confront the worst: her cover is blown and now nowhere will be safe.

To stay alive Elena must flee the city, leaving the man she’s grown to love behind. But she desperately wants to finish her mission, and she will not leave Santiago to face the wrath of the Gestapo alone.

Torn between her heart and her head, Elena must ask herself: should she risk everything to save her love… or was he the one who betrayed her to the enemy?



About the Author

It still blows my mind to be able to say that I’m an award-winning, best-selling author of over 40 books for adults, young adults and children, because I’m also a former council estate kid and university drop-out who gave up on my writing dream because I didn’t think I was from the right (aka posh enough) background. So I really am proof that miracles can happen!

It’s safe to say that my books cover very wide ranging subjects, from spirituality, love and friendship to World War 2, the refugee crisis and talking animals! One theme remains constant however, my desire to leave my readers feeling uplifted and inspired.

My first historical novel, An American in Paris, was published in 2021 and became an Amazon best-seller in the US and UK, which I was over the moon about, as it turns out I have a real passion for writing historical fiction. I love unearthing the lesser known facts and details from World War 2 and presenting them to readers in stories that will resonate today. My other World War 2 novels are Beyond This Broken Sky, The Paris Network, and the yet to be titled ‘Book 4’ – which will be published by Bookouture in August 2022.

I’m also currently writing two more books for my Moonlight Dreamers series for young adults.

Because my path to writing success has been such a bumpy one, I love nothing more than helping other people achieve their writing dreams via my online community, THE WRITING ADVENTURE (you can find us on Facebook).


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