A House Out of Time – John Decarteret / #Review @decarteret_john

Several people come across a house on a quiet road. They are immediately put on edge by the lady of the house who does not speak and sends them to a guest bedroom. A window dominates the setting and the view with its ever changing landscape, sends the occupants of the room into a state of fear as their lives are threatened by different dangers. They try to find a way to escape, and survive the House Out of Time.



My review

I think most people are creatures of habit and I am no exception to this rule. But sometimes I am seduced by a story and I leave my comfort zone. This is one of those books that could tempt me 🙂

A detached house where creepy things happen … Not really what I should have read at night, but I really enjoyed it. 

At first you do not know what it all means, but be patient. Everyting will become clear in the end and I thought it was very clever.

Not a kind of story I would read regularly, but I am very happy I had the chance to review this one. 4 stars.

Thank you, John Decarteret.


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Published author of Travis, A House Out of Time, Dark and Light Tales. Father to 2 boys and engaged to an amazing woman


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