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From the Ice Age to the Bible

This book explores the Goddess worshipping traditions that were always a part of human spirituality but were eliminated in the Bible on the path to monotheism. There is an unexplored narrative in the Bible, the early Israelites were pagan and God had a wife, her name is Asherah and she appears many times in the Bible. The Earthly Mother and the Heavenly Father were the original gods far back in history and they got a divorce in the Old Testament so that God could rule alone. But the Earthly Mother never went away and we can follow her traditions through Christianity and into the modern world.

The religious wars of the past that eliminated these women-led Goddess religions are directly reflected in today’s culture wars where the secular left is struggling to break free of the moral dictates of religious conservatives. In the Goddess temples of antiquity, we see unbridled feminism, egalitarianism, nature worship, sexual freedom for women and gays, cannabis and sacred plants, transgendered people as high priests, even abortions. The world today is in flux and many people are rediscovering the Feminine Divine, she is an important part of our collective experience



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About the author

Edward Dodge is a clean energy developer and writer from Washington D.C. with degrees from Cornell University. He studied the history of cannabis which provided the origins of this book


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