Game Keepers – Steve Dressing

Baseball is no longer fun for the kids in the Waterfalls youth league after the playoff game ends in an ugly argument among parents and coaches. The players leave the ballpark in shame, but big George Starr kicks at the ground and everything changes.
An amazing adventure begins as they discover a magical world underground, Down Home, and encounter strange and magical beings who help them play better and have fun. Trouble begins, however, when several players break the rules of this new world.
An intruder presents them with a far greater challenge.
Can the kids of the Waterfalls youth league stop this trespasser and save Down Home without breaking more rules and risking permanent banishment?



My review

Girls and boys just want to have fun …

I think this previous sentence reflects the essence of the book. Here the focus is on baseball, but you can easily replace that sport by any other activity. Kids want to feel supported and cheered on by adults. They don’t want to be constantly reminded of the things they can’t do very well and, honestly, even when the results are not always good, the most important thing is that they do the very best they can. I do believe that giving a pat on the shoulder beats critisim any day.

Maybe you might think this book is boys only, but the author has made sure girls will like it too.

Although I am older than the average age this book is written for, I really enjoyed it. It’s light and fun and I think both adults and kids could learn something from it.

I have to admit that I liked the first 3/4 of the story more than the last part. In my opinion it was a bit too much of the same.

Overall, an entertaining book for ‘kids’ of all ages.

Thank you, Steve Dressing and Number 6 Publishing


About the author

Steve Dressing was born in Waterloo, New York, and was the youngest child in a family of nine. Growing up, Steve developed a passion for baseball, reading and music. Legend has it that Steve learned how to catch the day he learned how to walk. Before publishing his first work, Steve worked as an environmental scientist in the EPA. He became inspired to write his first book, Game Keepers, while coaching Little League in Alexandria, VA.