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When Briony Campbell confesses to killing her boyfriend, a straightforward crime soon turns into a baffling mystery.

Haunted by demons from his past, lawyer S.J. Robin is assigned to the case. But as confusion – and the body count – rises, he’s forced to question who is guilty and who is innocent.

Can he see justice served and hold on to the woman he loves?







Briony lifted her head again, focusing her metallic eyes on Mari but it was if she had forgotten she was there. ‘The

flat.’ Briony’s eyes bore into her like drills trying to extract something from her. Mari would give it up if she only knew

what Briony wanted.

‘Can you tell me what happened?’

Mari was distracted by the receptionist furiously motioning to her. ‘Sorry, one minute. I’ll get your water, okay?’ She waited for Briony to nod before going over to the reception desk and collecting the glass. As she picked it up, she saw a note underneath that read: Called the police and an ambulance. On way.

Mari’s jaw tightened as she tried to stop herself from responding. Anna had taken the decision out of her hands,

though she could hardly blame Anna for making that call.

There was no doubt something terrible had happened and Briony had been involved. Whether it was self-defence or

something else, the sheer amount of blood spoke volumes.

Mari clasped the mug handle and tried to walk calmly back to Briony and hand her the water. She retook her seat and tried to smile but the muscles in her mouth were struggling to work.

How would Briony react when the police showed up?

‘I came here because you’re always such a good listener.

Not like… other doctors. You make me feel good,’ Briony revealed, staring into her drink.

‘I’m glad our sessions are making you feel better.’

‘Can I tell you something?’ Briony smiled hopefully.

‘Of course,’ she answered automatically, but her voice was a bit strained.

‘I’m not going to hurt you,’ Briony said coldly.

Mari nodded slowly, but she remained wary, even though her client had never shown any tendency towards violence


‘While you tell me this, do you think we should get Ed some help? Should we send someone to the flat?’

Briony shrugged in agreement.

‘Okay, let me tell Anna the address, okay?’

Briony told her the details and Anna made a note and said she’d see to it.

‘And I think we need to get you seen by a doctor too. Just to check you’re definitely not hurt anywhere.’

‘I need to tell you about it first,’ Briony insisted, leaning forward.

Mari nodded. ‘Okay, go ahead. Take your time.’

Thank you, Nikki Dudley and Fly on the Wall Press


About the author

Nikki Dudley studied for her BA and MA at Roehampton University. Published work includes: the thriller, Ellipsis, (2010); her chapbook, exits/origins (2010) and poetry collection, Hope Alt Delete (2017). One of Nikki’s poems was also featured in The Blackpool Illuminations (2016).

Awards: -Novel, Volta, winner of the Virginia Prize for Fiction.

Shortlisted in the London Writers’ Competition in 2003 for poetry.

Won the Promise Prize for poetry in the London Writers’ Competition 2005.

Novel, Ellipsis, shortlisted for the Ideastap Inspires programme in 2014.

Nikki is Managing Editor of streetcake magazine, which she started with Trini Decombe in 2008. streetcake publishes an online issue every 2-3 months and in 2019, launched the streetcake experimental writing prize, supported by the Arts Council England. She also runs Mumwrite.com, a writing community for mothers.

She grew up in inner city London and attended state school in Camden. Nikki has been in love with words since she wrote short stories in her scrapbook at primary school and discovered what a metaphor was.


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