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Renee Clarke is perfectly happy just the way she is…

Renee may be thrilled to be planning her sister’s wedding, but after witnessing her mother’s two failed marriages, she has always vowed that she is better off on her own.

But when Renee discovers that Luc Hardy has moved next door, her world is knocked off kilter. Luc was her whirlwind summer romance as a teen and, more importantly, her first love. Now he’s back in West Cove, looking more handsome than ever.

There is no escaping the romance in the air this summer. With the wedding planning in full swing, Renee begins to believe that she might be able to put her childhood reservations about marriage aside.

Yet when her mother arrives, she stirs a torrent of emotions in Renee’s heart. She’s up to her old tricks again – boasting about her latest conquests – reaffirming Renee’s lack of faith in love.

As Renee’s happily-ever-after hangs in the balance, will Luc be able to convince her that true love can last forever?




Last year I read a Christmas story by this author and I was charmed by it. It probably won’t surprise you that I was happy to see she had another book published.

The author takes us on a journey to a sunny beach and we are even invited to a wedding. What not to like about all those things???

Some people are afraid to love and have a relationship, because they have seen that marriage is not all about milk and honey. Some break ups are rather painful and nasty and you want to protect yourself by building a wall around your heart or only date when you are sure the romance will only last for a short period of time.

But you should not focus on those couples where it went wrong. There are a lot of people that are very happy together too. So grab your chance when you have found happiness and cherish it with all your heart.

A lovely summer read that I enjoyed at lot about family and love. 4 stars.

Thank you, Katlyn Duncan and Rachel’s Random Resources.


About the author

Coming from a small town in Western Mass, Katlyn Duncan always had her head in the clouds. Working as a scientist for most of her adult life, she enjoyed breaking down the hows and whys of life.

As a full-time author and freelance writer, she’s published eight novels in four years. If she’s not writing, she’s obsessing over many (many) television series’.

She currently resides in Southern New England with her family.


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