The Dragon and the Lumberjack – S. W. Ellenwood

Thomas feared he played Jack too well…

The sequel to S. W. Ellenwood’s debut novel, The Janitor and the Spy, picks up six months after Thomas Thornhill’s nightmare mission in Amsterdam. On his own, he now goes under the alias of Jack Montferrand and seeks to gain entry into the oldest and most dangerous triad in Asia to find Them.

On the inside, he found the triad not as stable as he thought, forcing him to prove his trust and worth to them at every turn as new rivals sprout up. He plunges his hands deeper into the filth and the alias of Jack where he starts to wonder where Thomas ends and Jack begins.






1. “Someone tell me what happened here,” he commanded. Younger officers walked around the ring trying to imitate his authority. Everyone stood in silence as the officer in charge looked around. Li slowly tried to melt back into the crowd – his pride had hit its limit – but the two Spaniards pushed him back into the center of the circle, gaining the attention of the officer.

“You know something about this?” The officer pointed at the bloody-nosed Italian accusingly.

Li scanned the Italian as the guards pulled him up to his feet. “Well, it all started with this hysterical joke.”

The Italian shouted in rage and tried to charge Li again. He didn’t get far as the officers halted his lunge. Li flinched and chuckled at the Italian’s failed attack.

“What’s your name?” the officer demanded.

“Li Shang Lóng.” Li held a joke inside him as he lowered his head. He had learned the hard way to pick his fights, though he still wasn’t the best at it.

The officer chuckled. “Congrats, some American just bailed you out. You can go.”

Li’s head snapped up and he said, “Really?” The crowd had a similar reaction of disbelief.

“Did I stutter?” snapped the officer. Li shook his head. Another officer near the door motioned Li to come, which he did. The Italian and two Spaniards watched Li quickly leave the cafeteria with wide eyes and tight jaws.

Li thought later a wink would have been a great exit, but didn’t think of it then as he only focused on following the officer through hallways to the room he was booked in. The clerk at the desk gave him his personal belongings: a broken wristwatch, an empty wallet, and a red ring with a carved dragon matching the tattoo on his shoulder.

“So, who paid for it?” Li asked the officer as a loud buzz sounded and the steel doors opened to Li’s freedom.

“He did,” the police officer responded, pointing to a handsome American with a vintage slicked-back haircut and a thick, groomed beard. The American, leaning on a red Jaguar sports car, introduced himself as Jack Montferrand. An alias. His real name was Thomas Thornhill.

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About the author

S. W. Ellenwood is thankful to have a close-knit family of two parents, a brother, and two sisters. A homeschooler who graduated college from the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith, Ellenwood loves all forms and genres of stories and was inspired by The Lord of the Rings films and his parents to write. You can find Ellenwood writing his next novel at the local coffee shops or playing table top games with his best friends.

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