Vanilla Extract – Louisa Berry

vanilla (adj)

Having no special or extra features; ordinary or standard

Extract (v)

* Remove or take out

* Select for quotation, performance or reproduction

When recently separated Lou decided to embark on a new chapter of her life, she had no idea where this journey of self and sexual discovery would lead.

Her lustful appetite for adventure was re-awakened and wit




Today I am sharing an extract : Chapter 14 – Mr Fit. Enjoy!


While sunning herself at the gay hotel, Lou was approached by the resident masseur, who explained the services he offered and their associated prices. From that point on, every day she saw him he would ask when he could perform a neck and back massage, or an all over body. Both sounded very tempting, but she kept putting him off, not because she didn’t want this indulgence, but more that she was so busy. Since arriving, Lou had been having a great time with the various people she met. She was out late every night but didn’t want to miss out on any sunshine either. Her trip was short enough as it was and she wanted to go home with a decent all over tan.

Finally, they agreed Lou would have a massage on the day before she was returning to England – Friday. Given he was gay, she felt comfortable to joke with him and teased, “Only if there’s a happy ending!” He laughed and said she was a very naughty girl. Lou thought it was a shame he wasn’t interested because he was also the gym and yoga instructor, and naturally fit as fuck, was Mr Fit.

After her eventful day at the beach, Lou was ready to relax. Making her way across the reception, Lou entered the spa area, where Mr Fit was waiting for her to administer some serious pampering. What a lovely way to be spoilt before her final night out

He welcomed her in and closed the door behind her. Soothing music filled the room, and various candles were lit, adding to the calming ambience. There were two beds available, for couples’ massaging, but they were going to use the one closest to the door. “Please take off your clothes,” Mr Fit instructed her. Lou did a double take. Did he mean all of her clothes or should she leave her underwear on? “What – all of them?” she enquired. “Yes – all of them – naked,” Mr Fit explained. She was a little shocked by this. ‘Well that is a first,’ Lou thought. Upon looking around the room, however, she noticed all the pictures of de-robed men enjoying their treatments. It did appear that being naked was the norm. When in Rome… or in this case Gran Canaria…!

Lou piled her clothes in the corner, albeit a very small pile. Feeling a little self-conscious, she made her way to the bed, climbed aboard, laid on her front and placed her head in the right position. This felt great already and quite liberating. She never knew where her arms should go on these things. Should they be bent up and left either side of her head, palms up by the sides of her bottom, or dangling over the edges? Mr Fit said they should go wherever felt comfortable. She went for the palms up version and prepared to drift off to a heavenly place.

Mr Fit moved to the other side of the bed, but as he did so, Lou felt his groin area rub against her arm. ‘That’s a bit odd,’ she thought, as she distinctly felt his penis stroke her through his shorts. ‘Surely not,’ she wondered. He was gay after all. Lou tried to put naughty thoughts out of her mind. Maybe it had just been an accident or a coincidence? But Lou didn’t believe in coincidences.

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