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She’s a power-hungry battle angel
Coriel is determined to rid the world of demons and prove she has what it takes to be archangel. But when a fierce battle ends in tragedy on her orders, she is banished from the Heavens—and finds herself at the mercy of Hell’s sexiest and most powerful demon knight.

He’s the demon knight who wants her
Rather than take his rightful place on Hell’s throne, Zagan prefers to spend his days in the human realm corrupting souls—and he’ll end the life of any angel who tries to stop him. But rather than slay the beautiful battle angel when he has the chance, he binds her to him with his life-saving kiss, forcing her to obey his every command.

The line is drawn
Coriel has no choice but to submit to her captor, though the curse of his kiss is not what lures her to him. While Zagan takes great pleasure in exerting his dominance over the Heavens’ fiercest warrior, he soon wants her to do more than just his bidding. As the war between angels and demons rages, he wants her by his side … to rule Hell as his queen.  




Coriel had a feeling she’d made the most number of kills that day. She would add this one to the count once her question was answered.

“Who is your leader?” she snarled into her hostage’s ear.

But instead of the feeble, quivering voice Coriel had expected, she heard a roar so loud it shook the ground and brought all on the battlefield to a halt. Every remaining fighter, angel and demon alike, turned north. The roar continued to echo in Coriel’s ears as a hulking demon with bat-like wings sailed into view over the trees.

The tingle in her chest felt different from the archangels’ usual signal, but the demon’s name formed in its vibrations and her heart lurched against her rib cage.

“Demon Knight Zagan,” she hissed.

She guessed her tone wouldn’t have been far from the slithering sneer her hostage would have used had she not just sliced its throat open and added its blood to the pool at her feet. She no longer had need for the creature’s answer; its leader had presented himself.

She’d been hoping for a challenge but had not expected an elusive demon knight to appear. They were the demon king’s protectors, and rarely appeared on Manusya, yet were skilled at covering their tracks when they did. Coriel had only ever fought a knight once before and, based on the wave of fear detonating among the rest of the frozen angels, guessed she was one of the few who had even seen one.

Of all the demon knights, Zagan’s power was the most notorious. His cruelty and ability to corrupt souls were legendary, but they had always been just that. Legends.

Powerful as the angels were, and as well as they fought, none of them seemed interested in taking the horner on. The wave of fear among the Heavensly swarm gave way to an overwhelming desire to flee.

“Stay calm!” Coriel cried to the others, though she was anything but.

Fascinated, she watched the demon—with his large frame and deadly Hell-red eyes—as he swooped down and landed in the center of the field.

The rest of the angels were moving again, and the knight was coming right for her, yet all Coriel could do was stand there and stare. She gasped as he closed the distance between them.

By the gods! And I thought these other creatures were works of art.

He had two sets of horns, pointed ears, and a chiseled body clothed in nothing but black pants that hugged sinful hips. The thundering sound of her heartbeat drowned out another loud roar from the knight. The ground beneath her shook and angels all around her scattered, but Coriel remained paralyzed. Something inside her had shifted at the sight of this demon—she was captivated.

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About the author

Thanks for wanting to learn more about me! I’m Aly, and I’ve been writing since middle school. I’ve always been a fan of paranormal, fantasy, and supernatural fiction. I’ve consumed it in many forms, including from books, movies, video games and anime. I would walk home from school hoping a black cat with a crescent moon on its forehead would come to me and tell me I was a reincarnated superhero, just like in the anime Sailor Moon. When that didn’t happen, I wrote my own Sailor Moon fanfiction, then original stories, all with strong heroines with magical powers. I realized my own magical power was my love for storytelling and world building.

I’m in love with my characters finding a love worth dying for. I love putting them in impossible situations and seeing how they figure things out and persevere. I really hope that you enjoy their journeys, too!

When I’m not writing about lusty demons, angels, and other paranormal beings, I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughter, and maltipoo. I’m an avid video gamer, student of Japanese, tea aficionado, crafter, reader, and all-around nerd. I strongly believe in the healing powers of retail therapy.


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