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Hybrids #2

Caught in a web of murder and vengeance, Theo must outsmart the Spylady to save her new friends. 

Imprisoned in a male appearance, can Nand survive deportation without losing herself?

Forced to leave Eridan after her mental battle with Keith of Rain Forest, Theo travels to Earth Metropolis with SpaceSS agent Jack Finch. When Jack is arrested for murdering his husband, Farren, Theo’s plans for a new future collapse.

To impress Declan, Nand face-changes into her cousin’s appearance on the day of the Face Changer Assembly. But her moment of triumph turns into a nightmare when Keith launches an attack against the Face Changers.

Deported to Gambling Nova, the federal prison, with Ashta and a few Face Changers, will Declan be strong enough to overcome his guilt in order to help Nand keep her male appearance and safeguard Eridan’s future?

Convinced that Farren is still alive, Theo must outsmart the Spylady if she wants to get Jack released from the penitentiary and find Farren’s whereabouts. Yet when Sheer, the Savalwomen leader, orders her to rescue the Face Changers, Theo faces a new challenge: is she ready to return to Gambling Nova? And risk her life?




 from Chapter 81

The following evening after work, Theo walked by Jack’s house. The wilted rosebushes by the entrance door needed watering. While she pondered what to do, an adult zneecat with a dirty coat jumped onto the low wall. It glared at Theo, hissing.

“Hello there.” She gazed into the alien cat’s huge yellow eyes. “You belong to Jack, don’t you? And you miss him.” She straddled the wall and hummed a low purr as her fingers scratched its surface. The zneecat sat at a safe distance. A gurgling sound replaced its hiss. “I bet not many people know how to get through to you. I haven’t met anyone of your kind in a long time. When I was in Nexus, we had four like you in the gang.” The hissing returned. Theo chuckled as she stretched out her hand for the zneecat to sniff. “None exactly like you, for sure.” She mewled as she had been taught, and the zneecat grunted, arched its back and smelled her fingers. Theo leaned forward to touch its scaly neck and swiftly retreated when the zneecat hissed, scratching her palm. Showing emotions wasn’t something you did with a zneecat you didn’t know. So she said, “Who taught you your manners? Your znamuz would be proud of you.”

Anger tinted the yellow eyes orange, and as the zneecat readied itself for a full attack, she switched to the only language this alien species really understood. She stared at the animal, caressing its mind with her own. It was a female—a furious seven-year-old zneecat, famished and lonely, desperate for company. Theo watched the orange hue recede from the feline’s globe-like eyes to be replaced by a pale yellow that reminded her of a cheese omelet. The zneecat stretched one large paw after another towards her, then, its eyes still focused on her, it lay next to her. Smiling, she stroked the entangled curls lining the sides of its ears and its belly.

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About the author

Jennie Dorny was born in 1960 in Newton, Massachusetts. She lives and works in Paris with her three cats. She is both French and American. She studied American literature and civilization, Italian and history of art at three Parisian universities. She wrote her Master’s thesis about contemporary Irish poetry after spending a year in Dublin. She loves words and languages, and she can spend hours exploring a thesaurus. Over the years, she has studied Spanish, Japanese, Hindi and sign language, and recently took up Italian again. She has published in French Gambling Nova (1999), Eridan (2002) and Les Cupidons sont tombés sur la tête (Mischievous Cupids gone Crazy, 2007). Gambling Nova and Eridan are partial, earlier versions of Hybrids; science-fiction novels that in many ways deal with the question of gender.


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