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When a demonic parasite turns her classmates into an army of sleepwalkers, sixteen-year-old Jo must confront her celestial identity and reveal the mystery of existence. Guided by the Galactic Council, a Galactic Compass and with the help of her best friends, Jo unleashes the cosmic powers of creation to prevent the Lord of Darkness from enslaving all of humanity into obscurity. 

Will she be able to decode the artificial system in time to save her friends and the sacred Light?




Terror gripped her heart. Jo began fighting off the cold, evil clutches of these sinister shadows. She feared for her life as the intensity of high pitch shrieking enveloped her ears and her head with an explosive pressure until blood drizzled down her nose. BANG! BANG! BANG!

“Jo, are you awake? You can’t be late for school again!” The sound of her father’s voice snapped her out of the horrific nightmare. Jo felt enormous relief wash over her entire body. This had become her sleeping ritual since that fateful night three months ago, when her mother, Lilac, was taken hostage by a homicidal maniac.

“Yes, dad, I’m awake,” she muttered in a hoarse voice. Jo felt like her body had been dragged through a war zone. She was a mess, drained and exhausted. Jo could not focus on her mundane daily routine or even school, for that matter. She was not in the right frame of mind to write her science test. Her marks at school were pathetic, and at this rate, Jo worried about passing the tenth grade. She needed to score some sleeping pills if she was going to make it through this semester.

She reached under her bed and grabbed the glass bong she had been given by her friends for her birthday. Jo needed to take the edge off before facing humans. It took all her energy to sit up on her bed and take a couple of bong hits before deciding which mask to wear for the outside world.

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About the author

Award-winning Author, Lali A. Love provides a supernatural thriller of metaphysical and visionary fantasy with her own revolutionary philosophy and unique narrative skills to produce this heart-wrenching and gripping tale.

Lali A. Love lives in the capital city of Canada with her husband and two beautiful children who are her greatest source of pride, joy, and inspiration. As a debut author, Lali loves to write stimulating, character-based novels that invoke an emotional response in her readers. She has done extensive research into epistemology and metaphysics to further her understanding of the Universal Laws of Energy.

In her spare time, Lali is committed to writing her visionary fiction trilogy about spiritual transformation. These mystical novels are based on the journeys of three incarnated Angels that have been brought together in the third-dimensional existence, to realize their Divine Feminine soul purpose. Each of them must experience unique self-realization to overcome the dark demonic entities that are determined to destroy their inner light to derail their Soul mission.  


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