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Angie Pantera thought she had the perfect life: a loving, devoted husband of twenty-five years, two wonderful, grown children, and an impending wedding anniversary celebration with friends and family.

But the celebration is ruined by a cheating husband, and Angie’s life devolves into a living nightmare—until serendipity brings her to Birdsong, Maine, as recreation director at the Home of the Little Flower.

A church-run nursing home that is slowly wasting away with its nonagenarian inhabitants, the Home could use a miracle . . . or maybe a facsimile of one. A bit of creative advertising prompts Angie to buy a bouquet of “magical” dandelions, and in a flash of inspiration, she knows exactly how to bring light to these dark days. After all, no one is ever too old for wishes.

But then people start dying, and the only thing they have in common is Angie. Harangued by a distrustful elder and under suspicion by the police, Angie must fight to clear her good name as she seeks out the truth: Is this a miracle or murder?

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In her eyes, Angie Pantera never looked nor felt more beautiful.

Wearing an off-the-shoulder eyelet dress, she admired herself in her mirror. At forty-eight, she still looked good. More than just good— great. Losing twenty pounds enhanced her curves. Another five or ten pounds would be perfect. Definitely a work in progress, she thought, gazing at her reflection. With blonde hair and baby-blue eyes, Angie’s incredible smile would sweep a person away like a Caribbean wave.

The special day finally arrived—her and Jay’s twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, and the couple would be repeating wedding vows. Standing in as maid of honor and best man, Maddie and Kevin never looked prouder.

Although grown, Angie still viewed the twins as her babies. They waited patiently in the gathering space, ready to walk Angie down the aisle. Jay’s last-minute business trip and delayed return flight had tightened everyone’s nerves. As the altar boy peeked his head out of the sacristy, Angie’s heart pounded. With everything perfect, she smiled as her twins walked her down the aisle. Angie and her twins marched arm in arm between the pews in that small Philly chapel. As they nodded to family and friends, she felt her life couldn’t have been better.

Standing next to the pastor, a man in a dark-gray suit held tightly to a manila envelope with her name printed across the front in big, bold, black letters. Staring at the mysterious envelope, Angie’s heart pounded.

The man’s face, stern and pale, reminded her of the funeral director at her father’s memorial. It was the same frightening look she endured when her father died. Something isn’t right. Taking a few more steps, her perfect life detoured her straight into hell.

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I was born and grew up in Brooklyn, New York, going on to earn a business degree in accounting from City University, NY. Soon after I found myself working in insurance and financing and went on to marry my wonderful husband. We moved to New England. I have spent thirteen years as a religious education teacher and have lived and worked in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. For the past decade, I have served as a Eucharistic minister at my local Catholic church, bringing the Eucharist to community nursing homes. After raising a family in CT, my husband and I became Florida Residents though continue to spend time in CT where I continue in my ministry My debut novel is a contemporary Spiritual Mystery that transcends three genres: Mystery, Spirituality, and Romance. I love to write imaginative stories for all ages! I hope you enjoy this story and look out for more to follow!

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