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Fear. That’s what comes to mind when Sophie thinks of her childhood. Fear.  And pain.

She ran away from home to protect her unborn child. Now, twenty years later, she’s a woman who learned to put the past and its dark secrets behind her.  To stand on her own and to build a good life for herself and her son.

But the past is not yet done with her and those dark secrets rise from the grave.  Her courage, and the strength of her love will be put to the test.  What’s on the line is everyone she loves.

It’s flight or fight and this time she won’t run




She looked at Gideon. “You’re going to let me leave this place.”

“Fine,” he agreed calmly.

She was obviously surprised, thrown off guard by him agreeing. “You– you’ll let me go?”

“Oh yes,” He smiled. “Now, boys.”

She blinked in confusion, and that was all the time the men outside the door needed to burst in and overpower her. Elizabeth put up a fight, and finally, one of the men had to punch her in the face to knock her out.

“Take her to the cell,” Gideon ordered. “No one is to touch her.”

He didn’t have to ask if they would comply. They would not dare defy him. He turned to look at Delmar. “Are you going to let her go?” Delmar asked.

“That depends on you, son. Do you want her to stay, knowing she will try this again?”

“No. No, just let her go. I want to be done with her.”

“And you agree that how I free her is of my choosing?”

“Yes, Father. I agree.”

“Very well.” He turned and called out. “Have someone fetch the doctor to tend to Delmar’s injury.”

Then he rose. “In the morning, we will set your wife free.”

And with a smile, he left the house, planning Elizabeth’s freedom. That smile remained on his face until he was home. Then he heard the ping of his phone. When he pulled it out, there was a message from an unknown caller.

You think you’ve escaped?

Not even close. I’m coming for you.

I will have my revenge.

Gideon felt rage move up his body like bile trying to escape. His eyes burned, and his chest clenched in pain as he gripped the phone, fighting the urge to hurl it across the room. This wasn’t the first text. Not by a longshot. He’d had his number changed a dozen times and still whoever it was, managed to get it. He didn’t get many of the texts, but it didn’t take many.

He was going to have to recruit a devotee who knew how to figure out who was doing this to him, and when he found out, he would make them pay. It would be long, slow, and excruciating.

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About the author

Happily-ever-after is something Ciana believes in with her whole heart. Love may be a bumpy road and there are bound to be some perils along the way but in the end love should win. She tries to take that attitude into her writing and thinks that love, hope and laughter are some of the best medicine there is. Along with books.

She loves to hear from readers and the most important thing she thinks she can ever say is – “thank you. To every reader who has spent his or her hard-earned reading dollars on a Ciana Stone book, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


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