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Bad Blood #4

Keep your friends close…

When Grace Carter’s boys are arrested for murder, she’s forced to call on her most trusted and loyal connections to keep the boys out of prison. She’ll even ask for help from those she would usually avoid like the plague…

But your enemies closer!

DI Leigh Moss has the power to save Grace’s boys, but she’s determined to bring Grace and the Carter clan down once and for all.  Leigh might owe Grace her life, but her loyalty now lies with her job and protecting the streets of Liverpool.  Until Leigh needs Grace’s help, too. 

There is a battle coming to Liverpool and only the most loyal will survive.




I love gangland crimes and this author absolutely knows how to keep the readers entertained. A book by her means reading, reading, reading and please leave me alone because it’s such a gripping story.

It’s great to see a woman at the helm of this ship. She is hard as nails for those who treat her firm and her family badly, but she is soft as a puppy where her family is concerned. She fights like a lioness for what she loves and against what she hates.

I really enjoy the scheming and the set ups. They are soo good I was thinking: is it for real or is it part of the plan? I was hoping it was not turning into the ultimate betrayal but indeed meant to set up a trap. It was just brilliant!

Sometimes you are so overwhelmed by grief, there is nothing that matters anymore. You do whatever you can to forget the pain you feel and it helps… for a while at least. But in trying to forget the pain you also forget about and neglect the good ones. Time to pull yourself together! Hold on to the good memories and start making new happy ones.

More, please. 5 stars

Thank you, Caz Finlay and One More Chapter


About the author

Caz Finlay is the author of the bestselling of the Bad Blood books, a series of gangland thrillers set in Liverpool. She lives in Liverpool with her husband and two children. She has two BA Hons in Criminal Justice and Community Justice. A Senior Probation Officer who has worked in the criminal justice system for seventeen years, Caz has always been fascinated by the psychology of human behaviour and the reasons people do the things they do. However it was the death of her son in 2016 which prompted her to rediscover her love of writing. She is currently writing the seventh instalment in the Bad Blood series and is also the co-founder of Perfect Crime festival.
Caz also writes bestselling dark romance under the pen name of Sadie Kincaid.


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