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As I stood at my own birthday party, listening to my husband’s speech about me, I could no longer silence the thought that had started as a low-level hum five years ago and built until I could no longer ignore it… did I want to leave him?

Steph has spent decades building a family with her husband Mal, and putting that family first. She is the glue that holds them all together and she has convinced herself that she’s been happy… most of the time. But as she stands at her birthday party watching her husband talking about a wonderful marriage she doesn’t fully recognise, the doubts that she has been pushing down for so long begin to grow…

After the party, as Steph tries to gather her courage to leave Mal, she receives a letter from her old friend Evie. Steph hasn’t spoken to Evie since a sunny weekend on a holiday beach twenty years earlier, when the two friends said things to each other that could never be unsaid. And now, Evie is seeking a reunion and a way to repair the friendship. But this reunion threatens to reveal a secret that could destroy two families.




Other people’s marriages… what do we know about them? Not very much, unless you know those people well and you can even consider them friends. In that case you might see some cracks or you can see how happy the couple is. But even if you are close friends and you see each other regularly, you can still see things that aren’t there, because often people only show what they want others to know. The rest stays hidden.

What would you do when you think you found something out? Would you tell or would you keep quiet? After all you are not sure you have it right. You might cause trouble and hurt and what if you made a mistake? Should you warn your friend and risk wrecking a family or should you keep silent, because that’s the best way to protect them?

Should you let yourself be unhappy in order to keep your family together, but can you provide a happy home this way? Or is it better to go separate ways, become who you were again and stop acting or treading on eggshells for the rest of your life?

This is a story about relationships, family, making the right choices and true friendship. Even if a friend does something you feel deceived by, you will realise they did it to protect you and because they really thought it was for the better.

The characters were well developed and I enjoyed the story a lot. Sometimes you wonder how people that are so different can become such good friends, but it’s not only when you talk about love that opposites attract. Often you need a friend to complement you and not to be your mirror image. 4 stars. 

Thank you, Kerry Fisher and Bookouture


About the author 

Kerry Fisher is a million-copy bestselling author. She writes women’s contemporary fiction, is a USA Today bestseller and her books have been translated into twelve languages. She was born in Peterborough, studied French and Italian at the University of Bath and spent several years living in Spain, Italy and Corsica. After returning to England to work as a journalist, she eventually abandoned real life stories for the secrets of fictional families. She lives in Surrey with her husband, and a naughty Lab/Schnauzer called Poppy, who joins in the huge dances of joy when her young adult children come home. 


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