Marmalade Martini – Julie Forester

‘You won’t believe what happened last night…’

For Jamie Barker, London life is one long cocktail of wealthy clients, after-hours bars and one-night flings with all the wrong women. Who cares, as long as it keeps her best friend off her back about commitment, right?

But one night, she drops her keys: a simple slip that sets off a chain reaction of discoveries, misunderstandings, hope and heartache. As the dark secrets of Jamie’s past begin to catch up with her, she finds out that loyalty can be deceptive, and true love might be within her sights – if she can only work out where to look.



My review

When I want to read a book, I first of all have to like the title and cover. If those two don’t attract me, I won’t even pick it up to read the blurb. When that entices me and all three boxes are ticked, I can finally sit down, relax and enjoy. Well, this book had me won over in seconds. I really felt like reaching out, grabbing the glass and sip it while diving into the story.
The contents did not dissapoint. It’s not only about a woman looking for love and finally also commitment as well but also about danger, family and secrets being revealed. What’s life without that one friend who is always around and you can count on? Or can’t you?
I liked the fluent writing style with descripions that make the story come alive. Often a debut has much lower standards than this one.
I have the feeling we can look forward to a second part … I certainly wouldn’t mind.

4 Stars

Thank you, Julie Forester for giving me the book to read and review.


About the author

The arts, in all their forms, have been an interest and hobby throughout the author’s life – from painting and drawing to live music and theatre. Writing novels has been one creative seed that has been growing and gathering momentum for many years, so the chance to become a published writer was an opportunity that she wasn’t going to pass up!

She lives outside north London with her wife, and their 18 year old deaf cat, Amelie – a gentle, sweet-natured little old lady.

Surrounded by beautiful countryside, it is not unusual, after a long Sunday walk, to find her in their quirky little local pub, rehydrating with a pint of craft ale!

As a frequent visitor to the UK’s vibrant capital, London is the inspiration and setting for her debut novel, Marmalade Martini. Following the success of this first book, and prompted by reader-request, Forester is currently embarking on the sequel – Rock & Rhubarb.