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Lucy Kendall  #1

My baby girl. This morning she was so excited for school. I bought her new shoes last night. Pink, sparkly shoes. She loved them so much. She wore them for the first time today. And now she is gone…

It is every mother’s worst nightmare. Eight-year-old Kailey Richardson skips out of the school gates in her brand-new pink shoes and never makes it home. Between the school and the safety of her shiny red front door, someone has taken her.

Private Investigator Lucy Kendall sees the fliers of a smiling gap-toothed Kailey and knows she won’t be able to sleep until the little girl is found. Having lost her own sister to the darkest evil, she is determined to help find Kailey before it is too late.

As Lucy talks to Kailey’s friends, desperate to find out who has taken the happy little girl, she begins to form a worrying picture of the days before Kailey’s disappearance. The blue car idling in the street outside the school. The friendly man across the road. And Kailey’s mother, Jenna, hollow-eyed and jumpy, clutching Kailey’s teddy bear and not telling Lucy everything.

Lucy has promised Jenna she will do everything to find her daughter. But then she discovers Jenna has a connection to the prime suspect in Kailey’s disappearance… and one which brings Lucy’s past rushing back to haunt her. Time is running out to find Kailey, but will Lucy be able to save this innocent little girl before her own demons destroy her?




I admire social workers. I cannot imagine what they have to deal with each and every day especially where kids are concerned. I would not be able to do this job. The horrors they are confronted with and not always being able to help those poor children must eat away at them. And what if something happens to the ones that could not be saved in time? What if they do something drastic to themselves or someone else? The guilt those social works must feel sometimes must be hard to endure and when the law and justice are not there to support, some of them take matters in their own hands.

In comes Lucy Kendall. She used to be a social worker, but is a PI now. She is convinced that she can do more now then before. She does everything she can to help and protect kids and put the pedophiles where they belong…

I understand Lucy. I feel her helplessness and her drive to do more, to not always being held back by rules and often saving precious time. On the other hand she has to think about herself too. If she becomes too careless, it will be game over for her too and nobody will gain anything by that.

I know she does not use the best possible solutions, but they work. 😉 I like Lucy and her team. Their heart most certainly is in the right place. I am looking forward to what will be next on their list. 

It’s a very dark story and it was sometimes very shocking. It’s almost unbelievable what people are capable of and even worse. They enjoy doing it over and over again with no remorse or regrets. An eye-opener. 5 stars

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About the author

Stacy Green is a USA Today best-selling author of more than a dozen mysteries and thrillers. Her books include the award-winning Lucy Kendall series, the Cage Foster series, and the USA Today best-selling Nikki Hunt series. Stacy has bachelor’s degrees in Journalism/Mass Communication and Sociology from Drake University. She’s a member of Sisters in Crime, International Thriller Writers, and Mystery Writers of America.

Stacy lives in Iowa with her husband, daughter, and fur babies. 


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