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Event planner Julianne Rose is on the verge of making her dreams of ‘rescuing’ weddings in need of help a reality. She and business partner Kitty have finally finished transforming the dilapidated barn into a chic event space, and they even have a new client eager to use it—a quirky, charming space organization guru named Deirdre who seems capable of organizing everything but her own special day. As if that wasn’t enough, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity soon presents itself through the who’s who of their sleepy little Cornish village: the chance to step into the event planning void for a posh bride in desperate need of an emergency salvage for her wedding plans. A wedding that could establish Julianne and Kitty as two of Cornwall’s best event planners if all goes well.

But an event that big doesn’t come without a catch. To persuade the posh clients to commit to them, Julianne and Kitty must first impress them with the ceremony for their current bride-to-be—a task that seemed easy, but proves complicated when stories emerge involving a history of broken engagements, cold feet, and commitment phobia on the part of Deirdre, who soon begins to exhibit possible symptoms of nervousness regarding her big day. Faced with a real case of runaway bride—and with their future reputation at stake— they must attempt to the impossible task of holding together a wedding fraying at its seams, and Julianne finds herself seemingly facing a choice between what’s best for Save the Date’s survival and what’s best for her client’s happiness, regardless of the cost.

Are Julianne’s worst fears about to be realized, with Deirdre gearing up for yet another run from the church altar? Can she persuade the posh but sympathetic bride Alexi to take a risk on Save the Date regardless of it? And will Julianne and the handsome-but-equally-busy Matt find time to smolder anything in their marriage besides leftover chicken pie? Readers will learn these answers and more in the funny and heartfelt sequel to the first full-length titular novel Return to Cornwall .



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Reasons Readers Might Enjoy Wedding Vows and Cornish Ribbons

Thanks so much to Els for letting me drop by and chat about my latest Cornish romance read. It’s called Wedding Vows and Cornish Ribbons and finds event planner Julianne Rose facing an unexpected obstacle when it comes to organizing her latest client’s special day. It’s also the first book in a new series full of friendship, laughter, and heartwarming moments perfect for those who love a bit of escapism in their cosy romance reads. I thought it might be nice to share what readers can look forward to when they dive into this first installment’s pages, so here’s just a few of the reasons to check out Julianne’s latest adventure!

There’s lots (and lots) of wedding-themed fun:

Julianne and her business partner Kitty are all about creating the most special day possible for their clients. So there’s plenty of mouthwatering cake samples for tasting, beautiful table arrangements to design, flowers to choose, and of course, the venue—a gorgeous old stone barn—has to be decorated with the just right little touches. And, because her client is a bride with a bit of a quirky past this time, Julianne finds herself going above and beyond to secure the necessary details for making her day as perfect as possible (hint: it involves interviewing two past relationships who almost said ‘I do’ to the bride to be Deidre in very different times and circumstances). Which leads to the next reason readers may find themselves turning the pages to see how Julianne and Kitty can possibly pull together the perfect ceremony with so many more odds against it than they ever dreamed.

It has a happy-ever-after dilemma:

In this case, a bride to be with a chronic case of cold feet. How bad is it, you ask? Two jilted fiances and a similar close call with a serious boyfriend that Julianne at first dismisses as idle gossip. But as the stories about her quirky new client Deidre prove to have some grains of truth, Julianne worries that history may be doomed to repeat itself. Especially when Deidre begins to second guess every detail of the wedding, postponing decisions about everything from the menu to the dress. Thing is, Deidre seems to really be in love this time…but will that be enough to ensure she won’t cancel the wedding—or worse, bolt from the altar in a moment of panic? Or maybe it’s a sign that even finding the right partner isn’t the answer to Deidre’s true issues with commitment. Whatever the case, Julianne is determined to do what’s best for her client, no matter what it means for her business and its budding reputation in the village.

There’s a good bit of humor:

Despite the bride’s emotional struggle, there are still plenty of lighthearted moments for Julianne as she seeks to make her client’s big day come together. Especially when, in an effort to give the rattled bride Deidre a distraction from her worries, Julianne enlists her client’s professional ‘feng shui’ decluttering services for her own crowded little cottage. But it doesn’t go quite how she pictured, as she and Matt’s cupboards are emptied all over the cottage with seemingly no end in sight. Meanwhile, her friend and business partner Kitty is struggling with the various changes that come with being pregnant—especially her husband Nathan’s over-the-top attempts to ensure her and the baby’s health and happiness (including a veggie and vitamin regime that has Kitty wrinkling her nose just reading about it!).

Hopefully all of that sounds right up your street when it comes to romance reads! And if this is your first introduction to Julianne and her cosy Cornish village, I hope that you’ll be sure to check out her original adventures in my long running series ‘A Wedding in Cornwall’ and its standalone reunion novel Return to Cornwall. There’s never a dull moment as Julianne helps organize everything from holiday balls to bake off competitions and even a royal wedding, to name just a few!

Thank you, Laura Briggs and Rachel’s Random Resources


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Laura Briggs is the author of several feel-good romance reads, including the Top 100 Amazon UK seller ‘A Wedding in Cornwall’. She has a fondness for vintage style dresses (especially ones with polka dots), and reads everything from Jane Austen to modern day mysteries. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, caring for her pets, gardening, and seeing the occasional movie or play.


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