The Raven Tower – Emma Miles

What price will Kesta and the fire-walkers have to pay to keep their people from enslavement? The raids were more ferocious, more desperate and much earlier in the year. When Kesta sees in the flame who is really behind the attacks the Independent islands of the Fulmers seem doomed to fall. Their only hope is to cross the sea to seek the help of the King of Elden and his sorcerer, the Dark Man.



Guest post

Today I will let the author do the talking. She wrote a guest post about her Notebook and Diary for The Raven Tower


When writing any book, it’s a good idea to keep notes. I tend to write books that involve creating whole new worlds as well as multiple characters and sometimes unique monsters so keeping track is essential for me. No one else has ever looked at the notes I make for my books, but I thought I’d share a little insight into my writing process for ‘The Raven Tower’ with you.


Because the books I write often span several weeks and also follow the point of view of more than one character, I usually write out a timeline or keep a diary. It helps me ensure characters come together at the right time and that journey times remain the same between different points. It’s also really helpful to keep a track of things like seasons and moon phases. For ‘The Raven Tower’ I have just a simple, plain diary. The dates themselves aren’t significant to this particular book, but the seasons are quite important. My writing is appallingly bad – I apologise – but the diary and my notes are only for my own reference and I’m usually scribbling things down in a hurry! As you can see I sometimes have to shift things around.



So, in my notebook goes just about everything! Every time I mention a detail about a person, for example age or eye colour, it goes in the notebook. This helps me to remain consistent throughout the book as well as building up a character profile. I also put in details of things like places that are visited and what you can find there, details of inns and who the innkeeper is, and the basic ecology and economy of each country. There is a family tree of one particular family in the Raven Tower, the Dunhams, as it was important for me to keep track of them. There are also some little sketches of Northold where the Raven Tower is.

The notebook I chose seemed perfect for this book. Again, please excuse my scruffy writing! Don’t look too closely at the notes, there may be some spoilers!

Thank you, Emma Miles and RachelsRandomResources.


About the author

I presently live in the stunning county of Dorset where I’m a cat slave to Wolfe and Piglitt I spend as much time as I can outside in nature and love exploring and learning about new cultures and languages. I’ve visited Greece, Serbia, Transylvania, Sicily and Norway as well as making several road trips around our beautiful United Kingdom. I paint, sculpt, dabble in photography and do a little archery but most of all – whenever I get a chance – I write. My writing started from a very young age when I often found myself being the one taking charge of and entertaining all my younger cousins. They loved to hear my stories and although they mostly called for ghost stories it was fantasy I fell in love with when I read The Lord of the Rings when I was ten. I went on to write stories and short ‘books’ for my friends through school and college; then one evening whilst I was waiting for my aunt and uncle to visit an image came to my mind of a boy sitting beneath a bridge. I didn’t know who he was or why he was there, but from exploring those questions ‘The Wind’s Children’ trilogy blossomed and grew with roots going back into his far history as well as stretching out to his future. The boy’s name was Tobias.

I have since left Tobias’s world of ‘Naris’ to explore the Valley with Feather in the ‘Hall of Pillars’ which is now available through Amazon. I am now presently finding my way through Elden, the beautiful Fulmer islands, the ravaged Borrows and haunted Chem with Kesta Silene; a shamaness of sorts with a big journey ahead of her. I hope you come along to share her story and join her adventure; she needs you and you won’t regret it.

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