When You’re Gone – Brooke Harris

‘It doesn’t matter if you love someone for ten minutes, ten years, or one hundred and ten years; once that person owns a piece of your heart, you’ll never be ready to let them go.’ 

It should have been the happiest time of Holly’s life: she’s expecting a baby with her fiancé Nate and has the joyful news to share with her beloved Nana, Annie.

But Holly’s unborn baby is unwell, and her relationship is fracturing under the stress. Just when she needs her family the most, she receives the worst news of all: Annie is dying.

With Holly by her side, Annie has one last gift to share before she leaves: the handwritten story of her first – and last – love, Arthur ‘Sketch’ Talbot, hidden in a box in the attic, untouched for years.

As Holly reads her grandmother’s words and discovers the devastating secret that Annie has been hiding, can they help her find the strength to face her own future?



My review

WHAT A BOOK!!! Sorry for shouting, but it just feels right. It was a-ma-zing, fabulous, wonderful.

The book contains two equally beautiful stories. Holly’s love story is taking place in the present and Annie’s in the past. The author alternates between the two and although Holly’s story is very emotional as well, I was more attracted to Annie’s. It really had my eyes fill with tears and the emotions were so raw that I felt her pain and happiness.

I have to say I have already read a fair amount of books. Some of them will stick with you forever and this is one that will be added to my shelf never-to-be-forgotten.

The book was heartbreaking, heartfelt, heartstopping.

I liked the way the author chose her characters. They were perfect for the role they had to play.

I regret I did not buy shares from Kleenex before I started reading. I would have made myself a very rich woman …

I can only say one more thing : I loved it! 5 stars.

Thank you, Brooke Harris, Bookouture and Netgalley.


About the author

USA Today bestselling author Brooke Harris is a self diagnosed romance addict. Realising at the age of seven that being a real person and not a cartoon character may prove a hindrance when applying for a role as a Disney Princess, she decided to create her own stories. As a grown up Brooke tried swapping the heels and tiaras in her stories for sex and revenge and published her first book, Rules of Harte in 2014. The Harte Series went on to become a #1 international bestseller. 

Brooke lives in Kildare, Ireland with her young family. She daydreams about a climate where it doesn’t rain every day, but secretly she loves the green fields and heritage of Ireland.