Little Village of Second Chances by Gina Hollands / #Review @ChocLituk @ginaholls

Surely everyone deserves a second chance?

Ex-fireman and edible flower farmer Shay McGillen has plenty of reasons not to give Sarah Pickering even one chance when she turns up in his small Yorkshire village. After all, she is only there to try and convince him and his fellow villagers to sell up so her company can build a bypass. If Sarah thinks she can make Shay give up his farmhouse and his business, she has another thing coming!

But when an unexpected blizzard leaves Sarah stranded in Shay’s home, he soon realises that they are far more alike than he could have ever imagined – and perhaps both of them deserve a second chance …




A tragedy happend in his life and he feels guilty about it. A tragedy happened in her life and she feels guilty about it. They both run away from the painful past and find solace in each others arms. 

He is completely honest about everything. She is completely honest, but not about everything and when she is pushed with her back against the wall, she is forced to come clean sooner than she wanted to. 

He thought he did not deserve a second chance. She thought she could please everybody and believed that money could solve everything.

Will their two hearts collide and start beating as one?

A lovely story about loss, guilt and of course happy times too. I enjoyed it a lot. 5 stars.

Thank you, Gina Hollands and Choc Lit


About the author

Originally from Yorkshire, Gina now lives by the sea in West Sussex with her husband and son. When she’s not working in her job in marketing and PR, or writing her latest book, Gina can be found dancing everything from lindy hop to salsa, shopping (she loves clothes far too much for her own good), eating out (she hates cooking far too much for her own good), or relaxing, which generally involves reading a book someone else has written or indulging in her new hobby of learning to play the piano. She has a sneaky suspicion she may be a musical genius in the making, but isn’t about to give up the day job just yet.


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