Traigh by Gwen Ineson / #Review @AustinMacauley

When we got a new sheep dog, we had no idea what an impact it would have on our lives. Sheep dogs have always been a part of my life and lifestyle; they have all been a pleasure to own, but this one, well, this one was different. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a soppy person, but to say I was proud of him would be an understatement.




What is more fun than being able to go and pick out a new puppy? It’s heaven for a dog lover. It’s exiting and sometimes I wonder who chooses who in fact. 😉

Having a dog is just wonderful. How you can teach him things and communicate with him brings joy every day.

In this book the author tells the story through the eyes of Traigh. It’s about his life with his humans. The humans are certain they are the ones being in command but I think dogs have us trained as well. We teach them how to make us see that they have to go outside for example, but as soon as they give us the sign, we jump up to open the door. LOL. It’s something that I only realized while reading this book.

I recognized certain situations in my own dog’s behavior. The look in his eyes when I make a joke and I am convinced that I see him thinking: ‘What on earth are you talking about’. 🙂

Spending time with your dog is golden, but there are also sad moments. My previous dog died almost 15 months ago and it still hurts. I have a new one now and I love him to bits, but you never forget the other one(s). 

This is a great story that warmed and broke my heart at the same time. 5 stars

Thank you, Gwen Ineson and Austin Macauley Publishers


About the author

Gwen grew up in the Yorkshire and enjoyed life with her animals’ ponies and later on horses were big part of her life but she also enjoyed fast cars. Eventually, with her second husband, she moved to Scotland and felt totally at home. The lochs and mountains became a part of everyday life and on the very rare occasions, she had to go into the city and she could not wait to get on the ferry and back to the relative peace and quiet of Argyll.



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A Christmas Date – Camilla Isley

Even Little Miss Grinch, Nikki, a successful and independent woman, must face her bachelorette status at the most horrible time of the year.

December is her personal version of holly-jolly hell: a merry torture made of couples kissing at every corner, forced vacation days, and an inescapable family reunion.

And when her baby sister announces she’s engaged—to Paul, the man Nikki is secretly in love with—and that he’s spending the holidays with them, Christmas starts looking bluer than ever.

Nikki can’t possibly survive an entire week trapped home as the family’s spinster. But she has no time to meet men or to try the newest dating app, she’s too busy working as a video producer for an advertising agency.

So what’s a girl to do?

Nikki has the perfect solution: to hire a fake boyfriend.

Luckily, her job gives her access to an endless catalog of gorgeous actors to choose from.

But Nikki will soon discover that keeping business and pleasure from mixing isn’t so easy, and that she might not be immune to a little mistletoe magic. Especially not when she picked out the perfect man as her Christmas date…

A fun, festive romantic comedy with lots of bad behavior and Christmas spirit. Like a creamy hot chocolate with marshmallows, you won’t want to put this deliciously hilarious novel down. Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Sally Thorne, and Jo Watson.

First Comes Love is a series of interconnected romantic novels. However, each book in the series can be read as a standalone.



My review

This book is the third part of a series, but even though I have not read the other ones, I did not have any difficulty in picking up the story.

Although Nikki is not really keen on Christmas, this year she might receive more than she bargained for or will it all go up in smoke?

I truely enjoyed this book. It’s funny, it’s playful but it also has a more serious underlayer about rekindling certain relationships and revelations.

Winter is slowly creeping up on us as well, so if you want to shut the world out for a few hours, I suggest you snuggle under a blanket, get yourself a hot drink and enjoy this heartwarming and fluently written story.

I hope the sequel will be published in the near future. 4 stars.

Thank you, Camilla Isley and RachelsRandomResources.


About the author

Camilla is an engineer turned writer after she quit her job to follow her husband on an adventure abroad.

She’s a cat lover, coffee addict, and shoe hoarder. Besides writing, she loves reading—duh!—cooking, watching bad TV, and going to the movies—popcorn, please. She’s a bit of a foodie, nothing too serious. A keen traveler, Camilla knows mosquitoes play a role in the ecosystem, and she doesn’t want to starve all those frog princes out there, but she could really live without them.

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Bone Deep – Sandra Ireland

What happens when you fall in love with the wrong person?

The consequences threaten to be far-reaching and potentially deadly. Bone Deep is a contemporary novel of sibling rivalry, love, betrayal and murder. It is a dual narrative, told in alternative chapters by Mac, a woman bent on keeping the secrets of the past from her only son, and the enigmatic Lucie, whose own past is something of a closed book. Their story is underpinned by the creaking presence of an abandoned water mill, and haunted by the local legend of two long-dead sisters, themselves rivals in love, and ready to point an accusing finger from the pages of history.



My review

No matter what or how, the truth always catches up …

This is quite a surprising story. When you read the blurb of a book, your mind already takes you in a certain direction. The least I can say that my inner GPS was totally wrong. Of course, you get the right indications during the story and some things became clear maybe sometimes a bit too soon.

The book has something for everyone. Do you like it to be about love? You’ve got it. Or do you enjoy a legend? This box is ticked as well. Maybe murder and betrayal is more your kind of story? Well, you will find it here too.

The story is told by the two main characters, Mac and Lucie who have (had) to deal with love, jealousy, betrayal. Some people know when to stop. Others might take it a step to far … 3,5 stars.

Thank you Sandra Ireland, Polygon and Love Books Group


About the author

Sandra Ireland was born in Yorkshire, lived for many
years in Limerick, and is now based in Scotland. She
began her writing career as a correspondent on a local
newspaper but quickly realised that fiction is much more
intriguing than fact. She returned to higher education
her 40s, to study for undergraduate and postgraduate
degrees at Dundee University. In 2016 she won Creative
Scotland funding for a residency at Barry Mill, a National
Trust for Scotland property. Her debut novel was Beneath
the Skin (Polygon, 2016). She lives in Carnoustie and is
available for interview.