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Almost fifty contemporary UK poets

Brilliant Foreword by Max Adams

A collection whose time has come

Acknowledged poets such as Jacob Polley, Linda France, Katrina Porteous, Peter Bennet, Kate Fox and Carole Bromley are joined by more than 40 other fine versifiers for this powerful and timely collection of poems that acknowledge, celebrate and respond to trees in a wide variety of styles and from a whole diversity of creative
The collection includes a vivid foreword by the celebrated writer, woodsman and traveller Max Adams.
Trees may prove to be the saviours of humankind, giving this collection a special
urgent relevance.




The Tree
Though it could take time
find a tree that is yours.
When you are certain, stand
a breath’s distance away.
For a required period
let your time
be the tree’s time.
Like the tree, expect nothing.
At a certain moment
something will pass between you:
a sorrow
a pulse
an imagining
a memory.
Do not leave before this moment
or the time will be just time
the tree, no more than a tree
and you, no more than human.

The above poem, by Peter Mortimer, was written in 2018 as part
of an article for Broadleaf, the magazine of the Woodland Trust.
This article marked the first news about our current anthology.
The poem is dedicated to the Trust and the wonderful work it
carries out.

Thank you, Eileen Jones, Peter Mortimer and Fly on the Wall Poetry


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