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Behind closed doors is a secret someone is willing to kill for.I walk into the bright, open living room of my new apartment, and I know this is the fresh start I’ve been dreaming about. As I double lock my pretty red door each night, I feel like I can finally be happy. I can finally be safe.But when I’m woken one night by the sound of my neighbours arguing through the wall. I swear I hear one of them saying my name. Why would they be talking about me?Michaela and Kirsty seem so nice, always stopping to chat when we pass in the hallway, and inviting me round for a glass of wine after work.I know I’m being paranoid, but then my favourite hair clip goes missing and I start to feel like someone’s watching me.Nobody was meant to know where I am. And I was careful. I did everything right. But I can’t help but fear my past has caught up with me and this time, I might not escape…




Sharing a house… Whoohoo, right? There is almost always someone at home if or when you need help. There are shoulders to cry on or people to party with. People you can become the best of friends with or maybe even something more. 😊 You are never alone and you can feel safe.

On the other hand there are downsides, of course. Aren’t there everywhere though? You have to deal with the noise they make or sometimes you would rather not see anyone and hope no one comes and knocks on your door. From time to time you need your own space too.

I shared a house when I was a student and boy oh boy I hated every minute of it. I never felt safe and the mess some people leave behind in the communal rooms, it’s beyond belief. I was lucky my best friend rented a room there as well. We had each other to depend on. When she dropped college, I went home again. No way was I staying there on my own.

Maybe I was unlucky. Maybe I just picked the wrong house.

Now you all want to know about Libby’s experiences. Will she give this house share a 5 star rating or is she wishing she never set foot in there?

This is a psychological thriller. I suppose you more or less know the answer to the previous question already.

I can tell you it’s a great story with a few unexpected twists. That’s all you are going to hear from me. Sorry. 😉 I’ll leave it up to you to find out all the details from A to Z. There is only one thing left for you to do: get your copy and pick up your virtual key that opens the door to this house share.

One person was high on my list of suspects. To he honest they were the only one on my list. I did not know what had driven them though. Once again my heart was broken. I was a witness to what cruelty can do to someone. 4 stars

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About the author

Carla started writing more seriously ten years ago after having flirted with musical theatre and occasional writing in her youth.

Since then she has written & produced several stage plays, has four self-published books, has acted in several independent films and is currently in the final stages of production of her feature horror film, Penny for the Guy.

She now writes full time as well as co-owning a film, photography & video production company located in the heart of Redditch town centre.


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