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Someone knows your secret. And they’re coming to find you…

Stephanie Miller is an average working mom. She isn’t perfect, but when her war hero husband dies and her work as a scientist puts her in news headlines, her past laid bare for all to see, she’s determined to make a new life for herself and teenage daughter, Amy. But she fears it’s only a matter of time before the biggest mistake of her life is revealed.

As Stephanie and Amy take refuge on a remote island in Washington, it feels like they’re learning how to live again. But then they come home to graffiti on their garage door, there’s no escaping the hate online, and Stephanie is sure someone is watching from the shadows outside their house.

When someone close to Stephanie is murdered in cold blood, she knows her worst fears have come true. Someone knows the truth. And she must become the fighter her husband always knew her to be if she is to protect her daughter, and everything left in the world that she loves.




Oh wow, what an incredible book this was! It was my first one by this author and jeez, she captivated my attention from the very beginning. There was never a dull moment here and it was very creepy. Maybe not the ideal book to read at night, but I could not put it away. It’s was too good.

The internet and social media are great inventions. Even though you live on the other side of the globe, you can still see and talk to your friends and family. Everything has two sides and often when there is a good thing, there is a bad one too. 

Some people are real bullies, but bullies are cowards as well. They always operate in groups, because then they feel strong. When they are alone, it’s a different matter all together. For them internet is a gift from heaven, because they can invent lies and stalk people at their heart’s desire. They can hide behind a screen using a fake account and a fake name whilst make someone’s life a living hell.

What makes them behave like that? On the one hand, pure evil, on the other hand the one thing that makes people do almost everything: money. 
What do you do when you are on the receiving end? At first, you resist and fight, but are you strong enough to win…?

It really was a terribly amazing book and I enjoyed every minute of it. Looking forward to read more stories by this mistress of creepiness. 5 stars

Thank you, L.A. Larkin and Bookouture


About the author

L.A. Larkin is a crime-thriller author, published by Bookouture. Her latest novel, Widow’s Island, is now available for pre-order and is described as “an absolutely nail-biting crime thriller with a heart-pounding twist.”
She is also the author of Prey, Devour, Thirst, and The Genesis Flaw and she writes a funny dog detective mysteries under the pseudonym of Louisa Bennet.


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