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Her rugged prisoner

…becomes her fiercest protector

Capturing legendary Highlander Malcolm of Clan Colquhoun was Andreona’s last chance to win her tyrannical father’s respect. Instead he orders them both to be killed! Resigned to her devastating role as the family outcast, she and her prisoner escape and continue on his quest to return a treasured heirloom. They find solace in their unexpected passion, but haunted by a lifetime of betrayals, will either dare to hope it could last beyond their journey?




Imagine Andreona and Malcolm are in Medieval Basque Country. Imagine that Andreona, along with other women, have built a tower, one meant to protect them, but also to provide a lookout for enemies.

Enter Malcolm…an enemy. Except he surprises her by entering the tower behind her. They fight, and he’s temporarily on top with her trapped beneath him..


So, who was she?

Rough-hewn clothes, heavily layered, one sleeve unlaced and in a style he didn’t recognise. Callused hands, but finely tapered fingers. A spilling of dark hair that reminded him of the rocks he’d climbed. She was strong and determined. He could demand, but she’d fought him the moment he caught her; this wasn’t a female he could frighten. Now that she was pinned, should he try reason?

‘Look, lass, we’ll not get anywhere unless we can speak to each other.’

She jerked, then held still. He swore she held her breath.

Her stillness was so startling, it held something with him, too. She was tiny, her harsh breaths doing nothing to make her look any more than an angry kitten. But this sudden stillness wasn’t him holding her; it was something else and sharpened his attention to her and his surroundings.

Slashing rain and the scrape of tree branches against the stone. The fireplace blazing with a promising crackle and its light cocooning them within oddly stacked stone walls. Her brows drawn in and an odd curiosity in those eyes that were still spitting anger at him.

Listening hard, he looked around. Nothing different and his position didn’t allow him to see out of the window. Yet, this woman now…waited. ‘Why are you so still?’

She growled, struggling, but he wouldn’t let go. When she stopped, she was angrier than before and the curiosity was gone. Had it even been there?

He couldn’t think over the roar of the wind and the unusual scent of this country. Part-ocean, part-forest, but not like a forest he’d ever seen. The trees were different, the rocky lush terrain unfamiliar and the woman…who was she?

Plush lips, a sharp chin. Eyes the colours of grey, blue, green and volatile with her emotions.

‘Ack, you’ve got eyes the colour of herrings, lass, and are reminding me of home.’

The woman stilled again.

‘You’re listening to me?’ He spoke English, French; he knew no Spanish. She hadn’t reacted…ah.

‘It’s Gaelic you’re hearing. You ken?’

Of course, later Andreona reveals how much she likes his words and accent….

Thank you, Nicole Locke and Rachel’s Random Resources


About the author

Nicole first discovered romance novels hidden in her grandmother’s closet. Convinced hidden books must be better, Nicole greedily read them. It was only natural she should start writing them (but now not so secretly). If she isn’t working on the next book in her historical series, she can’t be found. No, seriously. Because she’s always working on the next story!


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