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A bright future awaits Lily Forshaw, who feels like the luckiest girl in the world. A future she fought for, cried for, and risked her heart and soul for.

Lily’s life is incredible, yet a small, deep scar remains etched upon her heart. A wound that will never truly heal, for the scar is a memory. A memory and a hope of what ifs and what might have been.

Lily’s friendships are about to be tested, her career threatened, and her perfect love is set to falter – can any of this be repaired?

Meanwhile, the man she left in the past, holding a piece of her heart, has found his way back to her at a time when nothing else makes sense anymore.

What will Lily do? Will she fight for what she is about to lose? Or will she seek a new beginning?

Catch up with Lily, Cassie, Zack, and Luke in the hotly anticipated sequel to The Missed Kiss



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About the author

Nicola lives in North-west England with her family. She has three daughters, and therefore will never be rich or sane but does have a house full of hormones and hair bobbles!

Turning forty during lockdown spurred her to pursue her dream of writing. Once she began, she realised she couldn’t stop.

Like her characters, she loves a glass of wine with her best friends, but sadly cannot walk in gorgeous designer heels like they do!


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