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Jericho and Wright #2

Her eyes fluttered open as the first splash of frigid water crashed through the open window beside her. She shook her head, startled to be awake—to be alive. She was in her car, in the river. She blinked, tried to focus. And then it came back to her. He’d tried to kill her…

One month since she lost her husband, Dr Leah Wright knows it’s time to return to her family home. Though the crime scene tape and blood stains are gone, she will never feel safe with her daughter there again. Receiving a call from Detective Luka Jericho to assist with a police investigation is a welcome distraction, until she sees the scene: a wife dead, another family ripped apart.

As Leah is the new head of the Crisis Intervention Center, Luka knows she can help him speak to the victim’s traumatized husband, who he suspects might have had something to do with his wife’s death. But when Leah interviews the woman who lives across the hall, they uncover evidence of a serial killer in their rural Pennsylvania town. The same person who claims responsibility for drowning Luka’s fiancée seventeen years ago…

With danger closer to home than ever before, Leah realises that to find the killer they may need to dig into Luka’s past. But the killer is already taunting Luka, promising to kill again. Is it already too late to save another innocent life?




Are you ready to dive into this book? I certainly was, because I totally loved the first one of the series. So, ready, steady, go!

Luka as well as Leah are damaged souls. They both are still struggling with dramatic events from their past, but they never hesitate to put their pain aside and jump in to help other people.

Miss Ruby and Emily are birds of a feather without the slightest doubt. Although the sassiness seemed to have skipped a generation, I have the feeling that Emily received a double dose. LOL. You have to love them both. They know what they want and go for it. They know who and what they love and protect them with everything they have got. Both also went through a lot already and that’s maybe what has turned them into the personalities they are now.

A great story based on a disturbed mind with all its consequences. How one sentence can hurt, but will be shrugged off by most people, it will totally make others go crazy… 5 stars.

Thank you, C.J. Lyons and Bookouture


About the author 

As a pediatric ER doctor, New York Times and USA Today Bestseller CJ Lyons has lived the life she writes about in her cutting edge Thrillers with Heart.

CJ has been called a “master within the genre” (Pittsburgh Magazine) and her work has been praised as “breathtakingly fast-paced” and “riveting” (Publishers Weekly) with “characters with beating hearts and three dimensions” (Newsday).


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