Dying truth – Angela Marsons

How far would you go to protect your darkest secrets?

When teenager Sadie Winter jumps from the roof of her school, her death is ruled as suicide – a final devastating act from a troubled girl. But then the broken body of a young boy is discovered at the same school and it’s clear to Detective Kim Stone that these deaths are not tragic accidents.

As Kim and her team begin to unravel a dark web of secrets, one of the teachers could hold the key to the truth. Yet just as she is about to break her silence, she is found dead.

With more children’s lives at risk, Kim has to consider the unthinkable – whether a fellow pupil could be responsible for the murders. Investigating the psychology of children that kill brings the detective into contact with her former adversary, Dr Alex Thorne – the sociopath who has made it her life’s work to destroy Kim.

Desperate to catch the killer, Kim finds a link between the recent murders and an initiation prank that happened at the school decades earlier. But saving these innocent lives comes at a cost – and one of Kim’s own might pay the ultimate price.



My review

OH MY GOD. I am sorry for shouting but there is no other way to express how I feel about this book! It was more than awesome and more than gripping. I have put on hold everything that was possible to put on hold in order to be able to continue reading. I love the way the author builds up a story and slowly reveals everything. She really keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole book through.
Then suddenly there was that certain chapter … I shouted ‘NOOOO’ out loud, but to no avail.
5 out of 5 stars does not seem to be enough to quote this masterpiece.
I am already looking forward to the next book. 5 stars.

Thank you Netgalley, bookouture and Angela Marsons.


About the author

Angela lives in the heart of the Black Country with her partner, bouncy puppy and potty mouthed parrot.

It has taken many novels to find that one character who just refused to go away. And so D.I. Kim Stone was born.  The D.I. Kim Stone series has now sold over 2 million copies.